Meditation Creates A Stronger Mind

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Meditation Creates A Stronger Mind

Did you know that meditation creates a stronger mind? When I started learning self defense and martial art, my instructor would often advice me to do Meditation. He said that meditation creates a stronger mind and meditation would increase my focus also.

This made me study properly the connection between meditation and mind, which I am sharing with you here in brief.

What is Meditation?

The word Meditation has its origin in Latin language, which means “to contemplate”. This means to focus and concentrate deeply on something to help think deeply about something.

Let’s understand it with the help of some real life cases. When someone hurts your feelings, you think about it over and over again, may for days you mull over the issue. Similarly if there is good news like you are about to get married to the person you love, your mind keeps going to the thoughts of marriage.

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What effect does Meditative thinking have on our body and mind?

When we think about a subject too often and too deep, we tend to amplify the feelings connected with that subject. Therefore, if the subject matter is negative, the problem would be exaggerated in our minds. Naturally it creates more worry, stress and more anxiety. This sets off a chain reaction. It robs us of our happiness and throws us off center, disturbing the natural equilibrium.

The person is now sad and perhaps depressed also. In other words, these are the bad effects of negative thinking.

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Similarly, the opposite of this is also true. If you have never done something before, but in your mind you connect it to a pleasing experience and rewards, you mind will distort the reality a bit and give you necessary courage and confidence to do it.

How Meditation Creates A Stronger Mind

If you have positive, optimistic and healthy patterns of thinking extended over a period time you have been strengthening and reinforcing the core of your personality. You have been making your mind stronger, as a result you are an emotionally and psychologically stronger person.

1. Meditation makes the core of the person strong
2. Meditation helps manage and maintain the mind throughout the day
3. Meditation helps release the creative powers of the mind

Scientifically proven effects of Meditation on Body and Brain

The beneficial effects of meditation on our physiology hardly need to be over emphasized. Numerous studies and researches have brought to light various benefits of meditation on human mind and brain.

Here are a few of them:

  • Scientists have uncovered the changes which meditation does to our brain in several ways.
    Regular practice of Meditation over a long time, adds synaptic connections that thicken the brain tissues in the regions making a person more attentive, focused and having better sensory awareness.
  •  Meditation triggers the body to secrete certain hormones which produces a more relaxed state and can reduce levels of stress, high blood pressure, increased heart rate and chronic pain.
  • Meditation helps reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Meditation can reduce anxiety and depression.
  • Multiple studies have shown people getting benefits like a better memory and healthier weight.
  • Meditation increases serotonin, the neurotransmitter that helps regulate mood and sleep. The results are improved mood and better sleep.
  • Meditation activates left side of your frontal lobes which produce more positive emotions.
  • Meditation may even help in check premature aging or may even reverse this, meditation can increase telomerase activity by 30 percent. Telomerase is an enzyme in a eukaryote that repairs the telomeres of the chromosomes.
  • Meditation has been found to increases antibody levels, helping the body fight off sicknesses and infections.
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We do Meditation all the time

Meditation is something which is only for the yogis or monks or those who have renounced the world.
By now you must have seen that meditation is not a unique exercise where a person goes to a lonely spot, closes his eyes and sits stills for a long time. While this may be one of the techniques of meditation, it is deep contemplation which does the job of affecting us deep and our core within.

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Meditation creates our reality

So while distorting the reality a bit towards positive is good, distorting the reality to open doors to negative feelings is not good. But the mind is unable to decide what is good or bad for you. It will do anything for you depending on what you choose to focus on.

All these are the results of what you meditate upon. Please note that whatever we chose to focus on, we make it bigger in our mind. The subject matter gets magnified, whether positive or negative.
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Meditation Creates A Stronger Mind

In meditation, you are supposed to strengthen your core. This will give you resilience, clarity and strength to stay calm. This leads to a stronger mind which lets you enjoy peace and happiness in your life. You can now deal with the problems in a better way.

So meditate regularly not to run away from the change or escape the turmoil and turbulence of life. Instead, meditate to enjoy the life more and face the challenges more competently and effectively.

Hence please do meditate to strengthen the mind and conquer your world. All the best!!

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