Money Affirmations to Attract Wealth and Prosperity in Abundance

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Best Money Affirmations to Attract Wealth and Prosperity in Abundance

Are you searching the internet or at the book stores for the best Money Affirmations to Attract Wealth and Prosperity in Abundance? Well your search ends here. You are at the right page of one of the most useful websites full of genuine articles.

Here is a good collection of well written money affirmations which will help to reprogram your subconscious mind to activate the law of attraction. Practice these affirmations regularly and as per the recommended principles of law of attraction to attract wealth and prosperity in abundance.

Where to begin?

First, you have to have a passionate interest in the subjects like Law of Attraction, The Secret, Power of Subconscious mind etc. It doesn’t matter if you are new to these subjects as long as you are willing to explore with an open mind.

If you are new to the concept of affirmations, we would strongly recommend you to read: All About Affirmations.

If you are a beginner (like me couple of years back), I have listed a few articles on these subjects toward the end of this article. You can read them to get good basic idea.

By reading this article until the end, you will discover some of the best and very effective money affirmations which if acted upon, will change your life totally! Of course, the shift would be towards better as it open the channels for receiving from the Universe.

How to make best use of the Money Affirmations

Thousands and thousands of people have used the powerful tool called affirmations to bring about wonderful changes in their lives. Be it the area of love, relationship, health, healing, career, money or something else. Affirmations have helped them to make the law of attraction manifest what they desired.

It is a promise of Universe to anyone who follows the basic tenants of Law of Attraction regularly with full faith, he or she can manifest whatever he desires.

At the end of this article, there is a list of useful and related articles. Please go through them and read every detail as it is going to be vital for your success.

Of course, you can come back later on this page to share in the comments box to share how this practice changed your life.

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Why Money Affirmations?

Money is not God but it is quite a resource. Life can be quite difficult without money or not having enough money. We need money to provide for the good things to our loved ones, and we need money to pursue our interests and passions.

A person with money less than his needs would always be under pressure to earn more money and would constantly worry as to where or how he is going to raise additional money for his needs.

It is this worry; we need them to free ourselves from.

How do Money Affirmations Work?

Unfortunately, many people are brought up with some wrong beliefs about money. Such as “money is root of all evil”, “having too much money is bad”, “rich people are evil”, “living the life of abundance is not right for spiritual man or woman”,  “being ambitious makes it difficult to maintain a good character” and so on.

Similarly, some people who indeed respect money and want to have money in abundance, are not able to do so because they just lack the ability to believe in themselves.

They think that their education is not good enough, or they believe they luck sufficient talent, or that simply there are not enough opportunities for earning that much money.

All such incorrect beliefs have their deepest roots since our childhood years and we don’t even know where they have come from.

You must understand that your present level of prosperity and life style is a direct reflection of what you have programmed to believe about money, wealth, prosperity, abundance, health and so on. You may have got this programming unknowingly during early years of your life from parents, family members, teachers, society etc.

It’s strange how our destinies are affected by incorrect mental programming. But the GOOD news is that anybody CAN change his life by changing his beliefs, and you too have that ability!

One of the most effective ways to correct the mental programming about money is through MONEY AFFIRMATIONS to be done regularly.

Money Affirmations to Attract Wealth and Prosperity in Abundance

Money is a good and useful resource, I adore money

I have all the money to provide for all the things that I desire

Every day, more and more Money flows to me regularly

Money is the serves me well

I am the master of my destiny, earning money comes easily to me

Money is attracted to me, I don’t chase money

Money is an energy that flows in freely into my life

I am a strong magnet to money

I am capable of earning huge amounts of money

Money flows to me in surprising and unexpected ways

I always love and respect money

I am financially free and enjoy my financial freedom

I know that I am a money magnet

I know my financial abundance growing daily and I am grateful to Universe

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10 Bonus Money Affirmations That Are Very Effective:

These are some of my favorite affirmations which I use regularly

Money is simply an energy that grants me financial freedom

I am surrounded by Money and Wealth and they continuously multiply

Money loves me and I love money

I deserve to receive money for the unique services I provide to other people

I regularly earn money by helping other people to rise up in life

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Other Specific Purpose Affirmations

The website Powerful Money is a treasure chest of affirmations on internet. You can find affirmations on a number of subjects as per your need and desire.

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