My Tarot Reading Experiences

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Tarot ReadingMost men and women are curious to know about their future. While the reasons and intensity of curiosity may vary but given a chance one would definitely like to visit a good fortune teller be it a clairvoyant, psychic medium, astrologer, palmist, numerologist or a tarot reader. Later, you may also like to read – How to do Psychic Readings. I am also no exception and in this blog I would like to share my tarot reading experiences.

My first experience with tarot card reading was quite sudden and almost unplanned. Couple of years back, I was at my wit’s end about taking the next course of action to revive my business which was sagging sales and future prospects looked bleak. Those were the difficult days of cash crunch and tight finances. In a true spirit of entrepreneur, I tried every logical strategy and possible trick to push up the sales, meet new prospects and increase the networking but nothing seemed to giving the results.

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My Tarot Reading Experiences

It was at that junction of life and the phase of career that I secretly started wishing for some divine guidance. I wished to meet someone who could be a fortune teller in the form of a clairvoyant or a psychic who could just go into my future and tell me that what best and most suitable path is for me. Little did I realize that the destiny is planning to introduce me to tarot reading.

My First Tarot Reading Experience

Tarot ReadingWhile browsing through the morning newspaper pages, I noticed a small but interesting advertisement by a lady who claimed to provide remarkable solution to life’s various problems through numerology and tarot card reading. My friends had told me of their experiences with astrologers and palm readers but apparently I was going to be the first one to have a tarot reading. But I decided to go ahead and fixed a one to one appointment with the tarot card reader. That was the beginning of my waiting for the psychic reading with a mixed emotion of anxiety and nervousness.

On the appointed day, I reached the office of the tarot card reader 15 minutes before time. Her office was very much like a mystic or a psychic medium. The lights were not very bright. There were beads, shells, and feng shui articles used as decoration pieces and some paintings of mystic symbols on the walls.

The Atmosphere: The lady tarot card reader introduced herself and asked me to sit down. On the table before her there lay a deck of tarot cards, which looked neither new nor much used. On either side were two earthen lamps which were also giving out the relaxing smell of some essential oil.

The Tarot Readings: The lady spread her cards in the form of an arc and signaled me to begin asking questions. With an above average level of respect for the mystic science of tarot reading, I softly asked that what should be my course of action in my career under the given circumstances. She selected a few cards, put them on the table with the picture side up and read out the message for me. One by one, I asked about 4 to 5 questions and probably the session lasted for about half an hour.

You may like to ask “how accurate were the tarot readings?” To this my hones answer would be that she was very accurate about some events in the past and to a good extent about the trends to follow in future.


My Second Tarot Reading Experience

Tarot ReadingI was attending a Theta Healing Workshop and there I met a lady who seemed quite interested and knowledgeable about fortune telling subjects like astrology, tarot reading and other paranormal stuff. During the lunch time I happened to discuss with her my only tarot reading experience. Immediately she suggested another tarot reader or rather she strongly recommended her name for accurate readings in the town. Let us call her Mrs. D.

My unique question to the Tarot Card Reader: After a few months I felt an urge to contact the tarot reader to know about a very good friend who has suddenly gone off the radar. Once a week, we used to regularly exchange greetings over phone or meet up. But it was more than a month and there was no answer to my text messages nor would he take my call. This made me wonder if he was alright and if yes, then what possibly could be the reason for not responding to me. With this main question, I called Mrs. D and I got an appointment for the same day afternoon.

How did the session start: Immediately upon entering the apartment of my second tarot reader, I was swathed in the smell of burning incense. It was her living room where we sat down for the reading, while she got me a cup of herbal tea and some soothing spiritual music played, I looked around. My eyes noticed a few crystals, a wooden Ganesh statue, some pictures on the walls and a deck of tarot cards on the table.

Mrs. D suggested me to sit comfortably on the sofa across her and focus on my question before asking aloud. This she told me is a good for getting the divine guidance of the Creator. Later I found that it would prove to be significant.

The Message of Tarot Card Reader: My first question set of questions to her was about my friend, where he is, how he is and why he is not responding?

She offered a little prayer silently and then shuffled the cards and then spread them on the table before us. She pulled out a few cards, flipped them upside down so that the pictures are now visible and immediately told me that everything is alright with my friend, he has been a little busy and is doing rather well. Further, she suggested that I should try to meet him.

My second set of question was relating to my career and prospects of earning better money. Once again she pulled out a few tarot cards, flipped them over and informed me that the advice of the cards is that I should continue to work the way I was doing and also not to make any major decisions for next 6 months or so. Overall, she predicted good satisfaction, better income and more money for me in the same line of business.

The session lasted for about 30 minutes and I felt that this tarot reader had better way or sixth sense or may be more practice than the first one.

The feedback of the reading: You may be curious to know about my friend. Yes, I did gate crash into his office one day and he was the same warm hearted person who welcomed me with open arms. I was really glad that the tarot reader’s advice was very helpful.

Regarding my second question about my career, her advice motivated me to keep doing whatever I was doing. This gave me courage to overcome the obstacles and work with a strong hope to achieve my goals soon.

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My Takeaways from Tarot Readings

Everybody faces difficult situations one time or the other in life. Sometimes the situations are so puzzling and complex that the solutions seem to be out of reach even for the most logical and rational minded person. Whether one believes in mystical sciences or not, a visit to a good psychic like a positive minded tarot reader helps one to regain the confidence and the lost motivation.

It helps one to understand some of the conflicts one may be experiencing internally. It is not easy or possible to share and discuss such things openly and it is here where such psychics also act confidants, behaviour psychologists and above all good listeners.

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