Our Relationship With Money

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Our Relationship With Money

How to do you perceive money? Different people assign different associations to money in their lives. While some people call it a necessity, some call money as bad because it makes a person greedy. Whereas a section of people believe that too much of money is evil. However, it is the belief of this writer that money is neither good nor bad. It is how what we think about it or do with money. But did you know that there is a spiritual angle to money also. Therefore, read on to know of Our Relationship With Money and Money’s connection with Spirituality.

Let us first begin by defining money.

What is Money?

Primarily money is a medium or means of exchange. And it is a means of economic activities. Nothing more! We use money to trade what we have for what we want.

We all want money, we work for it and think about it. Some of us chase it frantically. While the creation and growth of money seems somewhat intangible, money is the means of getting the things we need and want. In modern times money has become a vehicle of human life.

What are your views about Money?

Let us now talk about your perceptions about money. When I think about money, several questions come to my mind. Different people have different opinions about money.

So what are your views about money?

  • Do you think money does everything for us?
  • Is there something wrong in having money?
  • Can you serve others if you are leading a life of lack and limitations?

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Money is a means and it is neutral in itself. Whatever is the pattern of your life, money will just enhance it. If you have money and you are happy, you will become more happy. If you have money and you are unhappy, you will become more unhappy because you will not know what to do with your money.


Money and Spirituality

Money and spirituality are not antagonistic. In my view money is not a paper bill only, it an intangible spiritual thing. It is as neutral and as spiritual as anything else in the world. Money and spirituality can be wonderful partners. We have to understand the nature of their partnership and let it flourish in our lives. We can use this beautiful partnership for our own growth and fulfillment, and that of the others around us.

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Our spirituality is primarily determined by our conduct, our contribution to the growth of others and our obedience to God, and not whether we are rich or poor.

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Some Myths about Money

People have different myths about money in different parts of the world. Let us discuss some common myths.
1. Money is the root of all evil.
2. Rich people are greedy.
3. Rich people are materialistic. They worship money.
4. Rich people are not spiritual.
5. If you get lot of money, money will change you into a bad person.
6. The only way to have more money is to deprive others of it.
7. To become wealthy you have to give up time that should be spent with family or for spiritual pursuits.
8. Desire for money or wealth is a sin.
9. Good people give away their extra money.
10. Money isn’t everything.

If you want to align your mind to wealth creation, dump these negative myths and look at some other perspectives. You may also refer to the following:

Our Relationship With Money

Our relationship with Money

Money is not the root of all evil. Money in itself is a neutral thing. How far is it practical to work for free? There has to be a healthy exchange of energy.

Have you ever studied the causes of crimes in the world? The causes of evil are lack of money or obsession for money. One should not be possessive about money, but should be able to use it wisely.

It is not the creation of wealth that is wrong, but the love of money for its own sake.

– Margaret Thatcher

If you want to be of service to others, if you want to live a life of purpose and deep spiritual meaning, how well can you do it if you lack money and a large part of your time and energy is being spent to make both ends meet? When you are struggling hard to meet your own basic needs, you have less time, energy, inspiration and money to pursue spiritual goals and help others.

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Other Positive Perspectives about our relationship with Money

1. Money can serve good purpose

Therefore, desiring to be rich and wealthy is not a sin. It is our purpose that determines whether our desire to be rich and wealthy is a noble desire or otherwise. We are in a better position to help others if we are financially well positioned ourselves. The key lies in balance.

Let money remain your servant. Do not allow it to become your master, do not allow it to control you.

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2. Money amplifies the true personality of its owner

Money is a personality magnifier. It brings out the true person within you. If you are a selfish and nasty person by nature, having money will make you even more nasty and selfish.

However, if you are a kind, generous and loving person deep down inside, money will magnify your goodness. Money helps you to maximize other important values such as family, career, health, spirituality and relationships.

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3. Riches and Spirituality can go together

It is possible to be a billionaire and yet very peaceful and spiritually aware.

Put your idealism aside and think honestly – what your real views about money are. If you are a spiritual person by nature, money will allow you to do more of God’s work. You will touch the lives of many people and help them to grow.

It is a known fact that many of the wealthiest people in the world are extremely spiritual. Many truly wealthy people believe they are just the custodian’s of God’s wealth and they don’t own this money. Wealthy people actually create more wealth for other people. Bill Gates, the richest man in the world, has created maximum value for others by creating Windows and Microsoft.

4. Process of Evolution and Role of Money

The three things which we all desire and which are necessary for our highest expression and complete development are Love, Health and Wealth.

Therefore, we need to live for all three – mind, body and soul. Real life means harmony among mind, body and soul, and their complete expression. The use of material things helps us to achieve this harmony and expression of our being.

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In conclusion

Our relationship with Money

Acquiring money in itself is a spiritual and fulfilling endeavor. More so when you spend a significant part of your money for helping others. There is nothing wrong in being rich and wealthy, as long as you do not neglect other areas of your life such as your conduct, health, family, spiritual pursuits.

Universe is abundant. There is inexhaustible supply of resources and money for everybody. God does not want us to be impoverished and lead a life of lack and scarcity. On the contrary he wants us to enjoy a prosperous life.

This article is written by Indu Wadhwa

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