Powerful Healing Affirmations

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Powerful Healing AffirmationsAttract Healing Energy into your life with Powerful Healing Affirmations. Repeat these affirmations sincerely everyday for a Healthy, Happy Life.

While practicing with these affirmations feel the divine energy flowing into your body and effortlessly doing its job of healing you. Be grateful and inspired by using these positive affirmations for even better health and wellness than you now experience! Also you may refer to Powerful Health Affirmations on this site.

Affirmations help to mold thoughts and emotions. Repeating these affirmations regularly impresses the subconscious mind to such an extent that it slowly starts transforming the body to align with the healthy thoughts. Thus, the connection between affirmations and thoughts on one side and health and healing on the other becomes easy to understand. If you are more interested in this wonderful field of study then you may like to read Alternative Healing Therapies and Treatments.

Powerful Healing Affirmations Set #1

  • My body has a wonderful healing capacity.
  • Every resource I need for my healing comes to me easily.
  • Today I am pain free and totally in harmony with life.
  • I get my doubts out of the way and allow the intelligence of my body to do its healing work naturally. Healing happens!
  • I am Divinely guided and protected at all times.
  • I go within and connect with that part of my body that knows how to heal.
  • I am so grateful for the beautiful way the trillions of cells in my body work harmoniously.
  • Divine energy of love flows through me now and heals all.
  • Vibrant health is my Divine right. Today and everyday my body, mind and spirit are happy, healthy and whole.

Powerful Healing Affirmations Set #2

  • My life and my health are becoming better every day.
  • A greater sense of well-being fills my body and mind.
  • A complete sense of well-being fills my consciousness every day.
  • All aspects of my being are healthy and alive.
  • All the cells in my body are returning to their healthy and original blueprint.
  • All the cells in my body vibrate in perfect health and harmony.
  • Divine love flows through every atom in my body.
  • Divine energy flows through every cell in my body.
  • Every cell in my body radiates health and vitality.

Powerful Healing Affirmations Set #3

  • Every cell in my body is replenishing and repairing, replacing itself with ease.
  • My body is healing itself with ease to remain healthy.
  • Every day I give love and thanks to every part of my body.
  • Every moment my body is filled with incredible energy and new life.
  • Every deep breath I take brings me vitality and energy.
  • Every fiber of my being is healthy and alive.
  • Every molecule of my body resonates at perfect speed.
  • Everything I do moves me closer to perfect health.
  • I allow myself to be in good health at all times.

Positive Healing Affirmations Set #4

  • I am capable and prepared to heal my body
  • My body heals quickly and easily
  • My gratitude brings more efficient healing
  • My strong body is able to quickly recover and heal
  • The universe allows me to heal in miraculous ways
  • I am prepared to receive healing energy
  • I attract healing energy every day
  • I am ready to enjoy perfect health
  • My health is improving and getting better with every passing moment

Powerful Healing Affirmations Set #5

  • I am grateful for the healing that is going on in my body
  • I deserve to live a healthy life
  • I love my body
  • I take care of my body with respect and love
  • I manifest perfect health now
  • I choose to be healthy, happy and whole
  • I am surrounded by healthy, healing and positive energy
  • I respond to my body’s messages with patience and understanding
  • I celebrate life every day

Powerful Healing Affirmations Set # 6

  • My body is being healed right now!
  • I choose to be healthy
  • I take care of my body by making smart choices
  • I am healthy
  • God has empowered me to improve my health
  • Creator has blessed me with amazing self healing powers
  • I am full of radiant health and energy
  • I am healthy, whole, and complete
  • I am immune to common cold

Positive Healing Affirmations Set # 7

  • I am in control of my health and well being
  • I am tuned to listen to my body’s needs for optimum health
  • I am an excellent receiver of the life-giving energy of the universe
  • I now claim my divine right to be healthy and vibrant
  • I am now claiming the health and well-being that is rightfully mine
  • Universe wants me to be complete in body, mind, and soul
  • Universe has originally created me to be strong, happy and healthy
  • I am strong, happy and healthy
  • I am strong, healthy and free of sufferings

Powerful Healing Affirmations Set # 8

  • I opt to be healthy every minute of my life
  • I opt to stay happy and healthy
  • I commit myself to developing the highest level of health in my life
  • I am immensely grateful to God for my perfect health
  • I am immensely grateful to Creator for the health I enjoy every day
  • I am the embodiment of health and well being
  • I am a picture of health and happiness
  • I am the embodiment of well-being
  • I am vibrant, healthy and alive

Powerful Health and Healing Affirmations Set # 9

  • I am the healthiest I have ever been
  • I have the power to control my health and well-being by the thoughts I choose to get well
  • I have the power to exercise self healing
  • I know that abundant health and well-being are my birthright
  • I know that abundant health and wellness are my divine birthright
  • I am blessed with the divine power to completely heal my body
  • I love taking care of myself
  • I only engage in activities which are healthy and life-enhancing
  • I entertain only healthy, empowering thoughts

Positive Healing Affirmations

Powerful Healing Affirmations Set # 10

  • I chose to live well to be 100 years old
  • I plan to live a long and healthy life
  • I have abundant energy, vitality and well-being
  • True happiness brings me perfect well-being
  • Positive thoughts and meditation enhance my healing powers
  • I relax and allow my body to create perfect health
  • I take excellent care of myself
  • I take excellent care of myself because I am worth it
  • I listen to my body and help its needs

Positive Healing Affirmations Set # 11

  • I use my mind to direct my body towards perfect well-being
  • I always deserve perfect health and get it
  • I use the power of thought to direct my body to be perfect in every way
  • I willingly take steps towards a healthier lifestyle
  • I’ve never been so healthy and alive
  • My body is a reflection of perfect health
  • My body is my temple
  • I understand and appreciate my body more and more each day
  • My body is producing new healthy cells every minute of every day

Powerful Health and Healing Affirmations Set # 12

  • The more I relax, the healthier I become
  • The genetic coding of my body is regularly returning to its original healthy state
  • All the cells of my body are vibrant and healthy
  • Perfect well-being surrounds my body and mind
  • Perfect health permeates through every cell in my body
  • My mind, body and spirit are getting more into harmony every day
  • My choices are healthy and life-enhancing
  • My chakras are aligned in perfect harmony with the Source
  • The cells of my body absorb well-being throughout the day


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Please do not substitute these affirmations for medication or treatment, if any that you have been prescribed by a medical doctor. Affirmations complement medicines, not replace them. Positive Affirmations strengthen the mind, make the attitude healthy for the better and help the body to better health.


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