Powerful Law of Attraction Manifestation Techniques

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The potential of the subconscious mind is incredible. Knowingly or unknowingly, we all are manifesting things, people, circumstances and events in our lives. Wouldn’t it be nice if we knew better how Law of Attraction works? Also most of us would love to get to learn one or more Powerful Law of Attraction Manifestation Techniques . Recommended reading: How the Subconscious Mind Works – Amazing Facts and Insights

This is a detailed article, where I will share with you:

Let us now proceed logically.

What is the Principal of Law of Attraction?

In brief, the Law of Attraction is about how to attract things, people, experiences and situations that are in our same energetic vibration. That is to say that you attract to your life all that you focus on in your thoughts.

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The spiritual leaders of antiquity knew exactly what the world is beginning to understand now, that each person creates their own personal reality.

This is, perhaps, one of the most important Universal laws.

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Important Steps in Manifesting Through Law of Attraction

Since Manifestation is the outcome in the whole process of applying The Law of Attraction. It is, therefore, important to begin with the understanding of the important steps leading to Manifestation in Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction is applied following a simple process to understand. But that needs persistence and constancy to be effective.

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To explain this process clearly and simply we will use the method described in the book “The Secret”. There are 3 concrete steps that can be summarized as: Ask, Believe and Receive. This does not mean that it is the only way to do it, but this format respects the principles of the Law of Attraction that are mentioned throughout this article.

1. ASK :

The first step is to know what you want and ask for it. But is it as simple as it sounds?

Answer: NO.

When you do not know what you really want, when you do not know what your true dreams and desires are, you run the risk of asking the wrong question. This part of the process is essential. Here are some tips to get the most out of it:

Take your time, this is not a race. Sit down to reflect, meditate and even write your ideas, projects and dreams in a notebook. Check them, make corrections and start again. You will see that you will be giving more form to your question and you will see more clearly your objective.

Be honest with yourself. No one but you knows your deepest desire, nobody but you will know about your process of manifestation of the Law of Attraction. Leave aside everything that you fancy or that influences the decision making. Here social or family mandates do not matter. It’s your life and your pact with the universe.

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You must believe that you will fulfill your dreams. You must trust the power of the universe. Visualize your life in the future. Visualize yourself living your dream, your desire.

This step is an active step where you must exercise visualization and desire. Send your energy and your thoughts to the universe, come into action … after all we are talking about the Law of Attribution … it is not magic.

It is real and requires work and perseverance. During this step, keep these 3 attributes in mind:

Strength: May your intention be as strong as your wishes.

Trust: Believe in yourself and the universe will believe in you.

Gratitude: Value what you have, give thanks for your achievements. Be grateful for what you already have


Maintaining a positive attitude and assessing results however small they may seem is essential in this part of the manifestation process. This will help maintain a flow of positive energy between you and the universe, helping and enhancing the process that is underway.

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3 Powerful Law of Attraction Manifestation Techniques

Here we are taking up 3 Advanced Exercises of the Law of Attraction to manifest abundance. Recommended reading: Law of Attraction and How to Become a Money Magnet

It may be mentioned here that in case you have other objectives such as achieve Weight Loss, attract soul mate, accelerate healing, harmonious relationships you can do that also with same manifestation techniques. All it requires is some creative visualization. Please refer to: How to Use Law of Attraction To Get Anything You Want

Now we go back to the subject of manifesting abundance. No matter how successful we are, we can always use advanced exercises of the Law of Attraction to manifest greater prosperity and abundance in our lives.

As a Law of Attraction coach, I have taught and used the following exercises also with great success.

Use them and let the results and intuition be your guide.

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Manifestation Technique #1 : All Possibilities Exist Simultaneously (Meditation)

This exercise of The Law of Attraction requires that you take time for yourself and to meditate quietly.

After relaxing your mind and body, start concentrating on the concept that all possibilities exist simultaneously. This means that all the possibilities for your life already exist. You may simply choose which of these possibilities you will experience based on your thoughts and beliefs.

For example, if the idea of ​​being a millionaire attracts you, recognize that this reality ALREADY EXISTS. This version of reality is present, as are all versions of reality.

If this sounds like an extravagant statement of the “New Age,”   you may be surprised when you know that it is actually a recognized and mathematically proven theory of physics, based on the work of the quantum physical pioneer Nils Bohr in the 1920s. Doctor Bhor opposes the traditional scientific perception of “reality” by mathematically expressing the possibility that there are an infinite number of “potential universes,” representing an infinite number of possibilities that are valid and present at the same time.

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In physics circles, this is known as The Copenhagen School of Quantum Physics, and it is a well established theory that has not been rejected, despite more than 100 years of attempts by some of the most outstanding minds in history – including Albert Einstein.

By meditating on the idea that all possibilities already exist, you can align your mind with a particular version of reality that you would like to live. When you create this image and visualize yourself experiencing this reality, you harmonize or align more and more with it.

Hence, it is only a matter of using this exercise of the Law of Attraction in a constant manner, with tranquility and relaxed faith. The result can be something really powerful.

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Manifestation Technique #2: The Transmitter Manifestation Exercise

This exercise of The Law of Attraction takes advantage of the human being’s ability to control and change the “vibrations” he sends out to the world. It is an established concept of the Law of Attraction that “that which is similar is attracted to each other”. In other words, whatever you are “vibrating” and sending out, is what you are attracting.

By taking this concept seriously and literally, you can start playing a little “mental game” where you intentionally seek to resonate at a certain vibration. For example, if you want to experience great abundance, you begin by transmitting the vibration of abundance to the Universe.

You do this by creating a solid mental image of yourself being ALREADY an abundant person, and then “watching” you transmit this energy or vibration around you – wherever you go.

A Tip : Practice transmitting your vibration stronger and further. For example, if you walk in a crowded shopping mall, “see” how you transmit your energy to everyone and everything around you, and with great force.

This exercise of the law of attraction can be used to manifest abundance and prosperity. Also this powerful manifestation technique is equally effective in many other areas. The key is to “see” a visual representation of your energy waves sent by you to the world and affecting all creation.

Try it yourself and discover why the transmitter exercise is so popular. Related article: How to Align with the Source of Abundance


Manifestation Technique #3: The Football Goalkeeper Manifestation Exercise

This is one of my advanced manifestation exercises in The Law of Attraction.

In a way, totally opposite to the exercise of the transmitter exercise, because it has nothing to do with the vibration you send. On the contrary this manifestation technique focuses completely on the vibration that you allow it to enter.

Here is how it works:

The idea of ​​the goalkeeper exercise is to pick up a particular time of the day (an afternoon for example) and be very aware of anything that is “on your radar”.  As you   become aware of the things in your environment that attract your attention, you will play the role of the guard (or perhaps a “doorman” in a hotel) by allowing ONLY the things that increase the feeling of well-being and the good vibes.

This manifestation exercise of the goalkeeper is actually an exercise of exclusion. It is one of the most important aspects of The Law of Attraction practice. By being an effective “Guard” or “Watchman” of your inner sanctuary, you will learn to take your attention away from the things that do not give you positive energy, and you will ONLY allow things that do contribute to your positive mental state.

This is one of the most powerful and advanced exercises of the law of attraction that you can use. It teaches us the value of focusing with the precision of a laser on what we want, while allowing what we do not want to fall apart. In my experience, there is no better way to start attracting wealth than using this exercise.

Negative beliefs and limiting beliefs hold us back. So identify and remove negative blocks and limiting beliefs from your life.

Try the three advanced exercises of The Law of Attraction to manifest abundance or whatever you want. You will surely see a big difference in what happens in your life instantly.

An Advanced Technique of Instant Manifestation

Would you like to try out an instant manifestation technique? Here is the manifestation technique in short:

  1. Think of a limiting belief that you do not want to have anymore. For example, the Law of Attraction does not work for you.
  2. Think of a belief that you do want to have and that is more beneficial to you. For example, that you are prosperous, successful and that you manifest perfectly.
  3. Study the characteristics of certainty and uncertainty that you have already noted.
  4. Use your imagination and grab the belief that you no longer want to have and send it at a distance (in your mind) and place it where the characteristics of uncertainty are found.
  5. At the same time, use your imagination and grab the belief you want to have, send it at a distance and place it firmly in the place of the characteristics of certainty.

Do this mental process a few times, doing it every time quickly.

This is all you have to do. I assure you that even if it seems simple, what you are doing is teaching your brain how to code your beliefs in a positive way.

This also implies that you are taking control of how you think and learning a way to instantly express the beliefs you want. It may take some practice to master this technique and once you do it the truth is that you have the power to create a completely different reality.

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Towards the end

Share your experiences with this exercise below. Check its effectiveness and tell us how it worked for you.

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