Powerful Visualization Technique To Achieve Dream Goals

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Powerful Visualization Technique to achieve dream goalsAll of us have desire to achieve things or position in life. If these desires are not just wishes but serious then you can give them better name such goals, ambitions, targets. But do 100% of the people achieve their goals? Or is everyone successful in reaching 100% of his targets? Well, one of the important components of Law of Attraction for successful manifestation is Visualization. Hence this article is dedicated to the subject : Powerful Visualization Technique To Achieve Dream Goals

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Importance of Visualization to achieve dream goals

Therefore, it can be said that many people have goals and yet they never attain all of them. One of the reasons on the psychological and metaphysical level is that they never see themselves in their mind’s eye achieving them.

Going further, they do not associate the energy of positive feelings and emotions of being successful with their goals. Yet is so simple and there are simple but effective techniques to do this.

In this blog, we shall go through the method of visualization which can help a person realize his or her goal in life.

Why Visualization Technique to achieve success

Visualization is a creative tool which is also very powerful – if done properly. The world of internet and printed books is full of the recommendations and endorsements by authors as well as successful people who advocate the visualization technique to accomplish just about anything.

Powerful Visualization Technique To Achieve Dream Goals

Here are the steps of a strong Visualization Method which you can use to attain success in reaching your highest goals in almost any are of life. These goals can be relating to money, increase of income, wealth, getting a job, increasing prosperity, being successful in business, having a harmonious relationship or just about anything.

Step 1 – Think of successful event in the past

Think of an even in your life when you achieved real success and you were really happy. Recall every detail of that moment; try to remember how you felt at that time. It does not matter in what field you were successful it could have been academic achievement, winning a debate, scoring very high marks in a competitive exam or athletics. Even an occasion when you got very charged up and felt inspired by either listening to a speech or watching a video will do.

For whatever reason, if no previous event comes to your mind than try to make it up that how it feels like to be successful.

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Step 2 – Re live the event

Hopefully you have been able to select an appropriate event. Recall every detail of that moment. Now relive that moment once again, fully imagining vividly with all your senses involved that what it feels like to be successful.

Do not read further till you have finished this exercise. Take your time, there is no hurry.

Step 3 – Entering the relaxed state of mind and body

Powerful Visualization Technique to achieve dream goals 2This requires you to be sitting relaxed for about 15 to 20 minutes with no disturbance. So prepare yourself by putting your phone and other communication system on silent or switch off mode. If you are at home or in a hotel, make sure you will not be disturbed for a while.

Take a deep breath in and release out gently at the same time relaxing your body more than before. Repeat this inhaling and exhaling cycle 3 to 5 times, making your mind and body completely relaxed. Inhale in calmness, relaxation and exhale out tensions and worries. It would be helpful if you gently close your eyes.

Saying softly the word R E L A X a few times to yourself also works wonders.

You are now entering a very powerful state to begin the manifestation work by the visualization technique.

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Step 4 – Being in your ideal place

Powerful Visualization Technique to achieve dream goals 3Imagine your consciousness shifting to an ideal place (actual or imaginary) in nature where you always feel most relaxed and spiritually connected to the Universal brain. This could be by the river side or mountains. Let us say your ideal place is by the side of a small river or stream, where you are sitting comfortably on the grass and the nature is at its beauty. The temperature is just right, there is cool breeze caressing your face and Sunshine is providing just enough warmth.

You are immersed in the beauty of nature and enjoying it fully and feeling wonderful.

Next to where you are sitting is your private den or a log hut. You now walk up to your private den, opening the door and you enter. The den is well furnished, everything is neat and clean and it smells nice.

Settle down comfortably in your favorite lounge chair or recliner, where the positions are adjustable by you. Also in front of you is a large screen which can play any audio visual movie for you.

You are now in a powerful state of mind, well connected to the Universal power which is infinite and source of abundance.

Step 5 – Meditating on the feeling of the dream goal achieved

Think of the past event in your life where you had achieved success and play it on the screen. Clearly see yourself in the movie.

After you have watched this movie, now play the movie of your new dream goals as ‘already achieved’. Suppose it is a dream goal of becoming CEO of the company you work for, then see a big party being thrown in your honor at a fine property which could be a hotel or a resort. You arrive there in your new car (dream car), very well dressed.

See and notice how confident you are now, how much are you enjoying your new success. Notice your friends, colleagues and spouse congratulating and there is an atmosphere of celebration in the air. You are the natural centre of attraction.

Be in that scene; let it be a moving scene, rather than a still picture. See it with your eyes, hear the congratulations, the soft music with your ears, smell the freshness of air and the perfumes people are wearing with your nose and feel the handshake and the gentle pat of people with your skin. Be there for a while and enjoy every moment of it.

Know that it is you in the whole movie and it is part of your life. Do it with full emotions and enjoy it too.

You can run this movie more than once if you like

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Step 6 – Coming out and coming back

That was the exercise well done and now it is time to come back.

While still in the scene, get up from the chair, come out of your private cabin into the open.

Slowly count from 1 to 5, telling yourself that it is time to return your thoughts, attention and consciousness to your present place – your home or hotel room. At the count of 5 open your eyes slowly. Bringing with you the positive energy and the expectancy you connect with the environment.

You are refreshed and awake

Video: Powerful Visualization Technique To Achieve Dream Goals

Notes and Suggestions to make the Visualization exercise more effective

Do this visualization exercise often – at least once in a day for 45 days. Once you get success with one goal, then move on to the next. In fact, you can do it for almost all areas of your life.

If achieving financial independence or earning more money is your goal then you may combine this exercise with the Powerful Money Affirmations and also the suggestions given here:

Wishing you all the success in manifestation of your dream goals.

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