Prayer for Children

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Prayer for Children

Why separate prayer for children – you might ask. Well, there are tons of things you can pray for your child or children. It depends on their age and the stage they are at.

As parents it is our sacred duty to look after them. God has entrusted us to raise, care for, and love our Children unconditionally.

Children are most precious gifts from God. Let us support their dreams and aspirations to succeed in life.

Also we are supposed to impart good moral value including a strong faith in God and build their character to prepare them become good citizens of the world.

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What blessings to seek for your children in your prayers

Prayer for Children

There can be several things to pray for your children. Hence do pray for them. Jesus promises us that if we ask, seek, and knock, the Father will give us good in return (Luke 11:9–13).

At some point, almost every parent reaches a stage where they can’t control everything, as things become rather dicey and tricky. Yet the parents can’t stop wishing a lifetime of happiness for their kids.

Therefore, rather than throwing up our hands in desperation, a wise mother or father starts praying and seeks the guidance and help of God. He is the one who created your child too, and loves him even more than you do.

So, here are a few helpful, specific things to pray for your children.

1. Prayer for faith

Parents are always there for their children, but at some point the child must embrace a relationship with God on his own.

A strong faith in God will help them to overcome their spirit of fear. The fear could be of anything and it inhibits the growth. Therefore, it is necessary to use faith to overcome fear.

2. Pray for health

Good health is something we all need. Every parent should pray for his child’s good mental health as well as good physical health.

If your child is healthy, do not take his or health for granted. Ask the parents of a child with health challenges about the value of good health.

3. Pray for safety and protection

God’s grace is ever essential – against the physical injuries in the playground , riding a bike, bullies or enemies bad intention. There is always a need for asking for God’s hand of protection against any physical, emotional and spiritual harm.

4. Pray for a good future

All parents have big dreams about the future of their little one. Parents want to see their children even going beyond their own achievements.

But the foundation for a great future has to be laid out now – even if your kid is playing with crayons now. Pray for their preparation for what lies ahead and God’s blessings for a great learning, direction, guidance to a successful career.

5. Pray for right kind of friendships

Good friends are an important part of your child’s moral, social and emotional development. Friends play a major role in shaping their views, character and in a way future also.

A bad company of the child could be absolutely damaging in all respects. Hence a prayer to God to watch over and provide best friends.

6. Pray for a good moral character

A child with a strong sense of right moral values will make better choices and earn blessings and praise of other members of the society. Good moral character will earn the child good karma and he will be spared of the consequences of wrong deeds.

In their prayers, parents have to pray that their children embrace a life of integrity, kindness, empathy and goodness, right from the childhood.

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Dear God, I seek your blessing today as we pray for my children.

You have blessed me with adorable children. They are my future.

I pray to you to please protect my children.

Dear Lord, please keep them healthy and help them to become successful.

I praise you that every day we can trust in your goodness and kindness.

I thank you that you know everything about them. You know what exactly they should do and should not do. Please watch over them in every area of their life and keep them safe.

I praise you that you are creator and protector of all things. I pray you would protect my child.

Dear Father, please watch over them whether they are indoors or outdoors. Please protect them and keep them safe from any harm.

Heavenly Father, I know that all good things in life come from you and I thank you for that.

I trust only You for the future of my family. Please guide my children in every step they take. I pray that you make their steps steady, I pray that you guide them in everything they do and the direction they take in life.

Dear God, I thank you for the gift of good mind and healthy body to my children. Let them have good knowledge and wisdom too, I pray!

I praise you that you provide them with intelligence to think, take action and thrive in this world around us.

I pray, you would help my child learn well and get education. May they discover their unique talents and flourish.

Oh Kind Lord, please give my children a passion and enough motivation to purposefully live in this world.

I pray for my children O, Lord. May they always choose the right path which ultimately leads to you. Despite the challenges and pressures in this world, may they find comfort in your name. They are yours.

Finally please bless me to be a good parent. Please keep guiding me so that I can do my duty in the best way!

Thank you


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