Prayer for Good Career Success

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Good Career Success Prayer Everyone aspires for a great and successful career. There is no one who does not want to earn name, fame or lots of money in his career – be it employment in a job or own business. But sometimes it is not easy to find a good job or be successful in career.

If your answer to the following questions is yes, then we bring for you a simple yet effective Prayer for Good Career Success.

  • Is your career and earning your main are of concern ?
  • Do you sometimes find yourself helpless and directionless?

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Prayer for Good Career Success

Loving Divine Father,

Please pour out your divine grace and mercies upon me.

You and your ways are perfect. Hence I approach You to show me what the best and most suitable career is for me. Let Your perfect will be done in the choice of my career.

O Lord, please teach me the most appropriate way of discharging my day to day duties successfully and honestly.

I request you to provide me with appropriate wisdom and understanding so that I can carry out my responsibilities in best possible manner and to the satisfaction of all. Please bless me and impart creativity into my daily work.

Merciful God, kindly protect me from all temptations and take control of all my financial needs applicable to my career. Let my honest earnings be according to the riches of Your glory.

Please put Your righteous hand upon me, O Lord. For all my achievements and success in career, I ascribe all glory and honor to You alone.

Thank you for granting my requests.

Thank you Creator for your divine grace upon me now and forever.

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