Prayer for Unexpected Income

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Prayer for Unexpected Income and Financial ProsperityReaders may wonder about the title and ask, Why Prayer for Unexpected Income? Before we proceed further, we need to share with you the reason. Well, our blog Money and Abundance Prayer has been received very well by the cyber readers. Even two related videos on YouTube:

have been received good views. Encouraged, we thought, it would be a good idea to give to our readers a genuine prayer for unexpected income. If you prefer, a video over the text, it is also given on this page. Just click here for the video.

If you would like to read more on this subject, there is a list of recommended books at the end of this blog.

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Prayer for Unexpected Income and Financial Prosperity

It is always a welcome idea to manifest unexpected money and income.

Let us tap the power of our thoughts and intentions to receive Financial Blessings in the form of Unexpected Income and Financial Freedom. Use the following prayer to open ourselves to unexpected money to come to us.

Salutations and Greetings Dear God!

You are the Infinite Source of Abundance.

Dear God, kindly shower upon me blessings of rich, lavish financial now!

Oh kind God, you have ways which are unexpected and unimaginable.

You have myriad ways to bless me.

Let the money come to me through unexpected avenues.

I now open my mind to receive riches and wealth from you in unexpected and unique ways.

Let your miracles of wonder begin to happen.

With God as my source of money, everything that is good and wonderful for me, flows to me in abundance and in unexplained ways.

God your blessings come to me in wondrous ways. God provides for me in expected and unexpected ways.

My faith in you is strong and unshakable.

I am now connected to the infinite source of wealth and money.

I am committed to give one tenth to God’s good work. This is making me richer!

All channels of money and wealth are now open to me and I am richly, bountifully and beautifully rewarded in every good way.

Your blessings make me rich.  Thank You for leading me to true prosperity.

God, with Your blessings, I attract riches, and the abundance in my life.

In everything I give thanks to You Lord!

Thank you, God! I am grateful for your blessings of riches.

This is materializing now.

I am grateful.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you!

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Video: Prayer for Unexpected Income and Financial Prosperity

(This prayer may have some similarity with other prayers for unexpected income but we claim no credit for any originality either, as the prayer comes from the heart and faith is the fabric on which it is written.)

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How to say the Prayer for Unexpected Income and Financial Prosperity

Quite your mind.

Invite the power of Universe to connect with you.

Feel the presence of God !

Say the above Prayer for Unexpected Income and Financial Prosperity with utmost faith in God / Universe.

To activate the Law of Attraction and clear the channels for receiving from the Creator, you need to have a combination of faith and belie, attitude of gratitude.

Release your intention into the Universe. Let Universe decide how and when to send you the Money and Wealth. Let go!

Be in the state of expectancy but neither be restless nor be attached to the results.

Before and after the Prayer stay in the attitude of gratitude.

For additional benefits

If you follow any of the new age spiritual techniques or methods such as EFT, Theta or Silva, then you can go into the level and tap along with this prayer for money. Tapping / Visualization / lowering brain frequencies to alpha or theta level can help reduce the resistance. It may also help infuse more faith with positive feelings which a prayer brings into play.

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Dear Readers,

For the benefits of other people on this planet, please share your experiences and prayers in the comments box below.

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