Prayer For Weight Loss

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Are you on a weight loss journey? Undoubtedly you must have tried diets, fasting, and exercises etc. But have you ever tried Prayer for Weight Loss?

Are you or someone dear to you is on a weight loss journey? Undoubtedly you must have tried diets, fasting, and exercises to lose those extra pounds. Cutting the long story short, have you ever tried Prayer for Weight Loss?

Many of us can feel overwhelmed by the speed that we experience in putting on weight, and the difficulty we experience in losing extra pound. Whether it is the preference for the slim by the society we live in or the pressure of the medical advice, we often feel guilty for carrying those extra kilos in the form of fat in our body.

Outline of this article:

Why pray for weight loss?

If you are one of those who keep struggling to lose weight no matter what you try, you need a secret ingredient: help from above.

You are not the only person if you have been trying hard to lose weight but with limited success. There can be many reasons for this:

  • One of the biggest mistakes most people make is trying to lose weight through sheer application of willpower. Instead, they need to seek help from God through daily prayer.
  • For many food can be a comfort if their life has not been going smooth. The challenges one might be facing could be Rejection, Depression, Loneliness, Frustration and so on. Unfortunately such people tend to eat junk food which is not healthy. So why not open doors to the blessings of the divine to remove the root cause itself.

Can prayer for weight loss be effective?

When we open our hearts to God’s love, it works deeply and we can begin to love ourselves again. When we allow this transformation in our lives to take place with receive many other blessings such as motivation, inspiration, strength, courage, and hope.

Changing the way we view food and eat food can release us from being a food addict. We begin to eat to live and not live to eat. We let God’s desires to purify our heart, mind, body and spirit.

Internet is full of many case histories where people have been able to not only lose weight but also become more fit and healthier through prayer and adopting a spiritual lifestyle.

So you too can invite God’s grace to lose pounds and maintain it.

Get up! Say a prayer right now with full faith and belief. Surrender to God and pray communicating to Him, “God, I need help, I cannot do this alone, please help me.”

It does not matter what faith you follow as long as you put your extra weight and related problems into the care of the Higher Power, Higher Self or to Universe.

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Prayer For Weight Loss

What should you pray for when trying to lose weight?

Here are a few weight loss prayers you can read when you need help, motivation and courage with eating and exercise.

Prayer for Weight Loss (#1)

Dear Gracious Lord,

I have a goal and a desire to be healthier.

Yes, I am aware true health comes from you and so does everything for You are the Creator of all that is.

However, there are some tough moments and sometimes days are tough for I’ve cravings for high calorie food what will cause me to fail.

God, please help me fight off those temptations. Help me to stay on course.

While it may be a challenge but I know if I stay on course I will succeed to reach my ideal weight.

Dear Lord, please bless me with motivation and mental strength to successfully go through my weight loss journey.

Please bless me with focus and determination.

Help me to find smart ways to stay focused on my goals so that I can achieve my right body weight and maintain it too.

You are the Creator of all and You know what I need.

Thank you always.


Short Prayer for Weight Loss (#2)

Are you on a weight loss journey? Undoubtedly you must have tried diets, fasting, and exercises etc. But have you ever tried Prayer for Weight Loss?

Dear Lord,

Thanks for your inspiration, I am trying to be healthy and fit.

Please bless my efforts to successfully lose weight in the best way.

Please help me to achieve the dream goal of being lighter and fitter

Watch over me as I seek to monitor all I eat and exercise regularly

Help me to enjoy food, exercises and the weight loss journey

Please inspire me to love and care for myself as I seek your help and divine guidance.


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Prayer to Stop Overeating and Prayer for Sticking with a Healthy Diet (#3)

O God,

I thank you for the amazing varieties and types of food you have provided on this planet.

I love the food so much that many times I can’t resist overeating.

I keep hogging until my stomach hurts.

May I confess that I cannot control my craving for food on my own and I need your help.

Please give me the strength to eat only as much as I need.

Please guide me to know what is healthy to eat and stick to proper eating of healthy food only.


Prayer for Sticking with a Diet (#4)

Dear Lord,

I need to lose weight and I must control my over eating as I do confess I gave into temptation for food.

Very often I’ve strayed off my healthy diet. Please forgive me.

I know and admit that I be on the course to do this alone.

Please walk with me on my weight loss journey so I may overcome any more temptations and challenges I face.

Please bless me with the wisdom to know what is right for me and inspiration to stick to a healthy life style.

 In your name I pray, Amen.

A Prayer for Weight Loss Journey (#5)

Dear God,

Salutations O Holy One.

Thank you for giving me a human body to serve You and the society.


Today, I pray before You and ask that You help me in my weight loss journey.

I have been trying very hard for so long but the results are not forthcoming and my self-control is running out.

Before I mess up and just feel like giving up, please help me and do not let me fail.


My patience is running out Almighty, but you are infinite source of strength and endurance so I will keep leaning on you and not give up half way.

Those extra weight, belly, aches and pains, and arm flaps are so frustrating to me. Let these physical features not distract me from the fact that my body is Your very valuable gift to me.

You are the ultimate creator me and You never make mistakes. You lovingly created my body and knit every part of me together.

But now this out of shape body of mine feels weak and embarrassing sometimes, but I know You created it to be a temple of my soul.

I pray I may always remember the gift my body is and guide me how to care for my body better.


Lord, I know you will love me whether I am fat or not. You don’t judge me based on my weight or my outward appearance.

But Dear Lord, you do care that this extra weight makes life harder with health issues, physical limitations, and some insecurities.

Therefore, help me to lose this extra weight, Lord.


Help me to glorify You in my food choices and worship You in my exercise.

I want to relish healthy eating and view exercise as a fun. I want to be a good care taker of this body, so give me wisdom to reach for foods that will nourish my body and physical movements that will make it healthier…and to genuinely enjoy them as ways to bring glory to Your name!


God, I don’t want to be a slave to my addiction for food, I don’t want to be an emotional eater and binge on junk food.

Lord, let me experience the freedom, breaking every chain binding me to food with Your mighty power.


Please release me from the guilty feeling and let me choose grace over guilt so that I can keep moving forward as a healthy being instead of staying stuck rehashing my failures.

Help me to welcome a healthy life culture in my life that will bring me answerability and encouragement. Let my values motivate me and cheer me on in my successes and support me through the tough days.


Above all, let these things place You in my heart for my desire is for more of You.

Please allow me to rest in the comfort of Your unfailing love and Your grace every morning.


Today, I offer my whole self to You and surrender completely.

I love You so much and I pray all of these things in Your  holy name.



Losing weight can many a times be a difficult and frustrating journey.

Remind yourself with God, all things are possible — especially getting healthier, losing weight and becoming a whole, happy person.

The good news is that you need not consider yourself alone.

All along God has been watching over you. He has been waiting for you to ask for help and to stop trying to do it all on your own.

So when the going gets tough use these prayers for weight loss to reconnect with God Almighty.

Video: Prayers For Weight Loss

A word of caution

Prayer is the first step in a program that should consist of healthy life style, exercises, eating right quantities of nutritious food under the care, guidance and advice of your medical doctor / nutritionist / weight loss expert.

Prayer will give and enhance your commitment, motivation, determination, satisfaction, happiness, joy and many other blessings. But you have to take action and keep moving in the right direction.

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