Prayers For A Blessed Day

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Prayers For A Blessed Day

It is good to start every new day with morning prayers. A prayer allows us to connect with the Heavens and have a dialogue with God, from the first moments of the day. Hence there is a need and importance of Prayers for a blessed day.

A good prayer from the heart will help us “tune in” with God, and resonate with his divine plan.

The prayer will help us to understand – what He will implement through us – and push us to understand how to act, according to his Word, in every situation we will face.

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Prayers For A Blessed Day

Prayer #1

Here are morning prayers to be recited every day

I adore you my God and I love you with all my heart. I thank you for having created me, thank you for making me a believer in you.

Let all my actions of the day be according to your holy will and in your greatest glory.

Protect me, O Lord from sin and all evil. May your grace always be on me and all my loved ones.


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Prayer #2

Dear Lord, that you are in heaven,

May your Name be sanctified,

May your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us our daily bread today, forgive our wrong deeds,

Save us from the path to temptation,

and bless us with peace, satisfaction and contentment.



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Prayer #3

O Holy Spirit, soul of my soul,

I adore you,

Please enlighten me, guide me, strengthen me, and console me,

O Holy Spirit, please tell me what I must do, give me your orders

I promise to submit to everything you want from me and to accept what you will allow to happen to me.

Just let me know your will!


Video: Prayer For A Blessed Day || Morning Prayer


Prayer #4

I am sincerely thankful to you for the rest of the last night

and for the gift of a new day,

May this day bring with it opportunities pleasing to you.

I pray as I day proceeds, I am in the perfect freedom to follow the right path and be at your service,

Grant me O Lord, that at evening, we may again give you thanks;

I believe in you God the Omnipotent Father,

You are the creator of heaven and earth;


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Prayer #5

Dear God, here I am, willing to create a happy day.

I’m open to make worthy changes in my life.

I’m open to love to make my life full of love.

I’m open to good health. I am thankful to you for a healthy body. I feel great! My body works perfectly.

I’m open to success. I’m the person who loves freedom. I do what I love to do. I am grateful to You for I have all what I want to have.

I’m open to money. I am always grateful for Money comes to me every day in different ways.

I’m open to happiness. Happiness is my natural state of being and I am thankful to you for this.

I’m open to inspiration. I’m connected with my source.

I’m aligned with the Universe. I vibrate high positive energy.

I’m open and ready to receive all the blessings and good things for me.


I’m ready to give and create value in other people’s lives.

I’m sending love to my family, my town and all people who are open to receive.

I’m sending blessings and good vibes to heal the world.

I thank God for all the things I have in my life and for the ones coming to me.

I thank the Universe for this wonderful day.


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Video: A Short Morning Prayer


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