Prayers for Good Health

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Prayers for Good Health, Prayer for Good Health and Protection, Prayer for Good Health and StrengthOur body, mind and soul are interconnected and the soul is connected to higher powers. Prayer is an amazing tool to communicate with Universal Power or God. Here are 3 prayers to invoke the blessings of the Creator for good health, protection and strength. Do these prayers for good health with sincerity, regularity, earnest faith and full belief.

Prayers for Good Health and related Blessings

Here are 5 prayers seeking blessings of physical health, emotional health and mental health to bring us great relief and freedom from the struggles.

May God, the Creator of all, bless you and your family with good health, protection and strength. May God, the Holy Father take away all your health related problems and worries and the Holy Spirit give you peace, freedom, strength and protection.


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A Prayer for Good Health

Lord, today I present myself before You.

Please fill my mind, body and soul with good health, wholeness and wellness forever.


Almighty God, I now offer you my whole being

I present my mind, spirit and body to You

Please shine your grace on your child.

Please come and take away my disease (…………..) and miseries.

This day and every day, May I sing your glory and worship You


Today I offer my mind, spirit and body to You

May it be a temple dedicated to You

May I seek Your divine blessings and be freed from anxiety and fear


O Dear God, You are my Lord, my Saviour, My healer and my friend.

Please heal me, I dwell within your gentle embrace.

Lord, as I ask for restoration, please provide relief from the sufferings


I trust in your grace and goodness.

I rest beneath you mighty wings of love.


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Short Prayer for Good Health

O Lord, kindly bless me with good health and a sound mind, so I may continue praising you

Dear God, I ask of your mercy, please shine your grace on me and make me healthy spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

Please grant me good health, Lord God, so that I may serve others and glorify your name.

I may not be feeling well but I know I’ll get better with your grace and mercy.

Surround me with your love, so all aspects of my health would be on the right track.

O Creator, I don’t feel comfortable and I feel sick, but with your healing touch, I know I’ll recover fast and be just fine.

Bless me, O Lord with good health, and heal all the troubles of my mind, spirit, and body.


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Prayer for good health and relief from Depression and Anxiety

O God Almighty, I ask of your healing and mercy

Dear Lord, I request you to please take away all my miseries and worries, so that my mind may be free from anxieties.

Dear Creator, I ask for your healing touch for my mental healing,

Bless me with good mental health, as my mind suffers from attacks of depression and anxiety.

Heal me spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

Thank you because your peace that surpasses our limited understanding

Take away the pain and anguish in my heart.

Lord. I pray for healing of emotions, please strengthen me mentally and make my heart whole again.

You are the Almighty and nothing is impossible for you — I pray for spiritual healing upon my illness and I know that I am going to strong and healthy as your power infuses my body, mind and soul.

Having trust in your goodness and kindness, I ask for restoration. Please free me from worries, anxieties and tensions.

Please fill my heart with faith in your love, and I gracefully accept your healing so that I can live in peace and joy


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Prayer for Good Health and Protection

Holy Father,

Please hold me, for I am very weak and fearful now

Bless me with your holy protection always.

I trust that your strong arms will keep me safe.

I seek your mercy and divine grace

I wait in you, I trust in your healing for my body.

Thank you that you hold me safe.


Almighty God, please cover me with your mighty hands.

My life is a gift from you and Your hand is upon my life.

Your heart is full of love and mercy.

Put Your hand of protection and health over me, always.

Let your grace and blessings hold all things in balance in my life.

Forgive my sins and give me good health and protection from disease

Bless me with joy and peace so that I can walk free once again.


I now feel Your graceful presence around me.

Please make me free from any fear, knowing that you are with me now.

Prayer for Good Health and Strength

Dear God, bless me and my family with good health and physical strength.

Give me inner strength to battle the evil effects of depression, loneliness, unworthiness, and hopelessness.

Shine Your Heavenly Light down upon me (or my family or name of the family member).  Lord, please guide us to find peace, happiness, and joy in our lives and within ourselves.”


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Short Good Night Prayers

Short Good Night Prayers

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