Prayers For Protection From Corona Virus

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Let us pray together for seeking mercy of God and inviting His love, protection and healing for all. Here are a few prayers for protection from corona virus

As the disease and other health challenges caused by corona virus is spreading rapidly around the world, it has become the most threatening pandemic in our times. The disease has impacted people in about 180 countries.  More than 598,000 people have been infected and the death toll is over 27,000. At the same time about 133,000 people have also recovered from this disease which has no proven medicine. Yet the numbers continue to increasing at an alarming rate. As God loving humans, we must pray together for seeking the mercy of God and inviting His love, protection and healing for all of us. Here we offer a few specific prayers for protection from corona virus

Our intelligence, resources and capabilities are limited and His powers are infinite. Let us pray for His miracles. Let us turn to God in times of worries, uncertainties and fear. Please join us as we pray for God’s upon this planet and its inhabitants.

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Prayers For Protection From Corona Virus

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The specific prayers given here below are:

#1 Prayer for people affected by Corona Virus

#2 Prayer for Protection and Healing From Corona Virus

#3 Prayer for Doctors, Medical Professionals, Caregivers and Researchers fighting Corona Virus


Spiritual Quote prayers for protection from corona virus

#1 Prayer For People Affected By Corona Virus

Dear God

Please show Your power and caring by blessing people of all ages and stations of life.

Heal them and give them relief from physical, mental, and spiritual ailments.

Come to them now who need Your loving presence.

Provide your healing touch to those infected by COVID-19.

May they feel Your power of healing through the care of doctors and nurses.


Heavenly Father,

Please take away their sufferings

Please put to rest their feelings of fear, anxiety, and worry.

Your children on the earth are unable to bear the pain of isolation under quarantine or social distancing.


Dear God

Give the people a sense of safety and security

Give them a purpose in their lives so that they can pursue

Please make everyone healthy once again and protect them from exposure to the diseases. Protect our families and friends and bring peace to all as we love You.


Dear Lord,

We pray to You our concern for people who are old, weak and are more likely to be severely affected from Corona Virus

Show your mercy and protect people with chronic health conditions from the harm and be their comfort in this time of uncertainty.

Also provide protection to their loved ones.


O Heavenly Father,

We entrust ourselves to you

You know the best what we need now and we are sure you will provide so that, keeping our faith in You firm.

Please shine on our path as a sign of salvation and of hope

Under your protection, we seek refuge, O God.

Please alleviate our suffering and give us strength during this time of trial

Deliver us from every danger so that we may return to joy after this time of trial.





Video I: Prayer For People Affected By Corona Virus

#2 Prayer for Protection and Healing From Coronavirus

Dear God

May You continue to shine on our journey as a sign of hope, strength and salvation.

We entrust ourselves to you including our physical and mental health

With steadfast faith in You, we invoke your blessings for our general welfare and freedom from the wrath of corona virus.

At this time of despair, anxiety and helplessness, You know what we need and we are sure You will provide, so that joy and feasting might return after this crisis.

Dear Lord

We know You can turn the tide. Please heal those who are infected and protect everyone.

Please help us Dear God, so that our faith in You remains unshakable.

Put an end to our sorrows as we seek refuge under your protection.

Take away our sufferings and deliver us from every danger that may harm us

Please bless us with good health and protect us from the Corona Virus and put an end to this dreadful pandemic


O Heavenly Father,

You are full of mercy and love.

We know You can’t let your children suffer.

As we say this prayer, trillions of cells in our bodies await your miracle.

Let there be health and joyful life everywhere as You are the Creator and giver of life.

May your divine power manifest in all of us.

We pray for protection from all diseases. Let there be atmosphere of sanitation and good health everywhere, at all times

We pray that you strengthen and bless every cell of our bodies from head to toe and to the ends of our fingers

Please bless us with the fortification of our complete immune system.

Dear God,

We now fully entrust ourselves to you.

We pray to You to please guide us away and we promise to maintain good hygiene and good moral habits.

May Your divine will rule our everyday lives

Also we pray to help us with financial prosperity with your abundance as many of us might be affected financially and professionally

We are sure that this virus will be stopped and may we all return to normal and healthy lives.

In gratitude, we thank You for restored health, vitality and restoring the order in this world, beginning right now.





Video II: Prayer for Protection and Healing From Coronavirus

#3 Prayer for Doctors, Medical Professionals, Caregivers and Researchers fighting Corona Virus

Dear Father,

You are the healer of all.

I know You work through Doctors and Medicines.

As more people fall ill, Doctors, Medical Professionals, para medical workers and first responders are working longer hours.

They are tired and continuously at the risk of contracting the coronavirus themselves.

They are working with limited supplies but with unlimited dedication

For everyone they are your representatives on this planet

God, please renew their energy and bless them to sustain long working hours.

Bless them with Your protection as they work with patients. Make their medial supplies abundant and multiply their equipment so they have the protective items needed to stay safe on the job.

Inspire and guide the research professionals developing tests to diagnose the virus better, create vaccines to combat it and prevent it. Guide them to identify protocols to eliminate the disease’s spread.

O Father,

Be with healers and health practitioners of the world. Bless them with healing powers and empathy so that together they contribute make the world healthy again.

Be with the families of Doctors, Medical Professionals, para medical workers and first responders.




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