Prayers To Get Out Of Debt Fast

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Prayers To Get Out Of Debt FastThe burden of debt can be overwhelming. Whether it is repayment of loan, credit card debt or mortgage it can disturb peace of mind of an honest person. It is at this stage of life, when anybody would wish to get out of debt fast. The following prayers to get out of debt fast will help you if you wish to connect deeper to the love and the wisdom of God.

Let these ‘prayers to get out of debt fast’ help you seek the mercy, grace and benevolence of Almighty God so that you can get relief from financial burdens and move towards financial breakthrough and finally achieve financial prosperity and abundance. Also please see: How To Pray Effectively And Tips For Beginners

How and why a Prayer works?

Prayers To Get Out Of Debt Fast

Despite what most people think, earning money or getting prosperity isn’t only direct result of a person’s efforts or education or intelligence. If that were so then the people doing tough manual jobs should have been richest and those just giving orders and working for only a few hours a week should have been poorest. From our experiences, the prosperity and abundance of money is the combined results of a person’s intelligence, efforts or work in the right direction and most importantly the lucky breaks.

If you try to go deeper and ask yourself that who determines all these things in a person’s life? Is your intelligence level under control? Do you always get the best solution and most profitable ideas? Agreed that you work sincerely, but is your working always in the right direction? Who gets you to meet the right person or get the right job? Uncovering layers after layers, you will find that there is one answer and that is God Almighty, The Creator of Universe and we call Him by different names.

Therefore, if you walk with God not only you get spiritual prosperity, but I have seen people naturally prospering financially. Among other things and habits, Prayer is one of the most effective methods to connect with God and bring his unlimited grace into your life.

What are these Prayers, actually?

These abundance prayers for financial prosperity are very powerful and you can pray anytime. You may even call these prayers as Prayer for Money, Abundance and Financial Breakthrough or Prayer for Relief from Debt and Financial Burdens etc.

Just pray incessantly – no matter what your present financial situation is. Speaking to God about in your financial burdens and praying to God from the bottom of your heart for relief from debt and financial burdens will certainly bring beneficial effects. I wish you a debt free life full of prosperity, abundance, happiness, and blessings!

Prayers To Get Out Of Debt Fast

You need to have a keen desire to ask God for blessing you with a more abundant and fulfilling life experience. When asked with reverence, prayer, faith and devotion it becomes prayer.

If you feel the lack in your life it is because you have to allow more blessings to flow in your direction. Asking for divine help is the first and most important step in the right direction.

The following spiritual prayers To Get Out Of Debt Fast will bring better financial health along with prosperity in your life. Pray with deep devotion and faith so that you can truly manifest your divine gifts. God wants you to be prosperous, and live in abundance in every possible way.

#1 Prayer To Get Out Of Debt

Prayers To Get Out Of Debt FastDear Loving and Powerful God,

I am indeed grateful to You for giving me birth on this planet. Most respectfully and in full faith I now pray for your blessings so that I can live happily and enjoy abundance.

From this day forward I give freely and life gives back to me with manifold increase.

I know and believe that God you provide for us in expected and unexpected ways for the work that we do.

Your blessings come in wondrous ways.  No more am I burdened by thoughts of past or future.

I praise You, Oh Dear God, for providing all my needs.

God never fails its children, even in difficult times.

Oh Mighty Lord, at present, my finances are low and worry invades my mind. Please help me to be at peace. Dear Father, I am confident of your blessings and I feel assured that You will supply all my needs, out of your rich abundance.

Dear Lord, I’ve made financial mistakes. My debts are out of control and I am unable to pay back. Dear God, I know you can definitely create a way where there seems to be no way.

I pray for your mercy in my life. Please bless me a financial breakthrough right now! Please bless with financial prosperity and bestow on me wisdom to manage Your blessings righteously. Please direct my mind to suitable opportunities to increase my earnings and receive money.

Please take me under your protection and don’t allow lack of money to destroy my health through tension. Please save my relationships and family to suffer due to money problems and disagreements.

Help me to not depend on others but only on You. Let thy will prevail. I know you will do what is most suitable and best for me at all times.

May I be good steward of all that You provide. I bless Your Holy Name. Thank You




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#2 Abundance Prayer For Financial Prosperity

As a child of God, living in abundance along with financial prosperity is part of your entitlements. The other entitlements are good health, vibrant relationship and an overall happy life. To enjoy continuous prosperity and abundance in all these areas you have invoke the blessings of Almighty God through deep prayers in faith.

Oh Father in Heaven, I pray to You in total reverence about my finances.

Lord, I need Your divine grace in pulling me out of debts and granting me financial independence.

I come before You today for the sake of protection from all kinds of problems and bless my family with prosperity and abundance.

You are the protector of your children and I am your child too.

Dear Almighty God, bless me so that I may prosper in all the things I do in my life. Show Your Merciful grace so that I can prosper financially, spiritually, and health-wise by Your will.

I pray that you show me the right path to financial breakthrough which leads to ultimate financial prosperity and abundance.

Oh Mighty Lord, please remove me from the clutches of loans and financial debts and provide me with adequate earnings that I’ll use to take care of both myself, my loved ones, and serve the humanity for the rest of my life.

Dear God, let your divine grace fall on me so that I am not trapped further in the swamp of financial mess. Lord please show me the way out and fix my life

I promise to fulfill my duties and responsibilities in my life.

I thank You Lord for the opportunity to say this prayer and for the forthcoming blessings.

I praise Your name and Your Merciful Divine Grace!

Thank you for Your Divine protection




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Video: Abundance Prayer For Financial Prosperity

#3 Powerful Prayer For Money, Abundance and Financial Breakthrough

This is a powerful prayer for seeking blessings of Money, Abundance and Financial Breakthrough. Through this prayer declare that you are the child of God and you deserve to live in Abundance and Prosperity by the grace of God. No more you have to live with debt, fear of poverty and worry of what may happen in the economy.

Open your doors for your prosperity today!

Dear Father in Heaven,

I stand before you to thank you for all of these good things You have blessed me with in my life. With your grace and blessings, you have made my life meaningful and worth living.

I come before you today to ask for your financial blessing to improve my life. My faith in your benevolence is unshakable. Therefore, I beg of you to intervene to kindly save me from the clutches of debt trap. Provide me with the financial means to be able to repay the loans and be able to breathe again.

Dearest Lord, I confess I’ve made mistakes. I have accumulated much debt, and now I cannot think of a way to get out of debt without your help.

Kindly forgive sins of your child, Lord. Walk with me and help me to make the right decisions for the rest of my life.

You are so full of mercy and love, and I know you will come to rescue me and my family.

Please give me the right guidance and provide me with suitable opportunity to work and earn.

I only ask for enough money to relieve my financial woes and ease this stress.

Oh Mighty Lord, please give me the means to spread your message of Love. Let me have enough financial means so that I can also serve the humanity.

In your name I pray,




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Many Benefits of Prayer

Whether you are religious or not, the power of prayer, faith and affirmations can do wonders for your spiritual growth and can bring many types of benefits in daily life. Praying can help you to feel protected and centered. Praying regularly can make you more calm and connected to your inner self besides attracting more positivity into your life. Are these not wonderful returns to just 5 minutes of your time to pray!

Dear Readers,

Now you have powerful prayers. So go ahead and pray with full faith and invite blessings of money, financial freedom and abundance. Do the prayer with a spirit of purity, devotion, surrender and welfare of your loved ones . May God answer your prayers !

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A request to you,

Please do share these divine prayers with your parents, spouse and children, so they too can benefit and always feel blessed and grateful!

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