False Notions About Psychics And Psychic Readings

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False Notions About Psychics And Psychic Readings

It is not uncommon to come across people who doubt the psychics. They have this question always lurking in their minds, “Are psychics real or fake?” Well it is OK to have such kind of people because their skepticism can at least pose a threat to fraudsters who pose as Psychics, Psychic Mediums or Clairvoyants. Well for centuries, people have been consulting these gifted individuals, so there is denying that millions of people have had their money’s worth.  Therefore, in this article we explore the genuineness of both – the psychics and the psychic readings.

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Are the Psychic and Psychic Readings Genuine?

We have tried to answer this age-old question by way of a multi pronged approach in a logical way. In this article, we’ll try to understand through:

  1. The definition of psychic, along with how psychics use their psychic abilities to access the information bank of the universe and how they answer the questions of the clients which ultimately results into a meaningful guidance in the various aspects of life such as relationship, career or a better path of life.
  2. Experience with the Psychic and Psychic Readings
  3. Various false notions about psychics and psychic readings

Definition of Psychics and Working of Psychics

Let us understand with an open and unbiased mind that what does psychic mean and how do psychics work?

According to Wikipedia, “A psychic is a person who claims to use extrasensory perception (ESP) to identify information hidden from the normal senses, particularly involving telepathy or clairvoyance……”

Cambridge dictionary also defines a psychic on the similar lines: “having a special mental ability, for example so that you are able to know what will happen in the future or know what people are thinking:”

The fact is that most of the good and accomplished psychic readers use more than just intuition and psychic abilities to provide us the guidance on so many issues.

In their own way, Psychics are talented professionals who use various divination tools such as Astrology, Numerology, Crystals, Mediumship, Tarot cards, Ancient Rune Stones, Crystals etc. to provide you specific insights. Most of these tools, especially Indian vedic astrology, require years of study and mentorship to learn and master.

At the same time there are also several different types of psychics such as empaths, clairvoyants, clairaudients, clairsentients, and psychic mediums who speak with ‘things’ on the other side of this world. These could be broadly spirit guides, angels, ghosts, or even your deceased loved ones.

So, while the methods, tools and individual styles are different, the efforts to achieve goals are similar. The goal of a good Psychic is help you get the answers, from a higher perspective of situations, and allow you to see your path ahead more clearly.

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Experience with the Psychic and Psychic Readings

Have you ever experienced a psychic reading before? It is quite possible that before your first ever reading, your expectations and imagination may be distorted due to the a lot of myths and misinformation about psychics, mediums, astrologers, tarot readers and numerologists, and other similar practitioners.

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Well we must admit that there are both kinds of people – honest, honourable and genuine as well as dishonest and tricksters. It is the latter type which bring bad name to any industry including the world of Psychics.

But for the sake of this article, we’ll ignore the fraudsters, which may exist in all kinds of professions.

False Notions About Psychics And Psychic Readings

#1 Psychic Can Fix Things

Perhaps you’ve seen some kind of advertisements claiming to “bring back your lover” or “attract someone as your lover” or “stop a divorce” and things like that.

True psychics just don’t do that nor do I think they have the powers to do such things, no matter what they promise.

Furthermore, dabbling with spells or other black magic things is a one-way ticket to demonic enslavement.  Therefore, one should never trust anyone who claims to be able to manipulate others’ life to get you some advantage.

No one, including a psychic can erase karma. Yes, your psychic may be able to tell you if your lover or business partner cheated on you.

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#2 Psychic Can Read Your Mind

This is absolutely incorrect. Under the para – Definition of Psychics and Working of Psychics, you have already seen that Psychics are like any other professionals who need their tools to get an insight into that aspect of you life where you wish to draw their attention.

So an astrologer would need your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth to cast your horoscope, an intuitive person would have to tune in to your energy to pick up on the soul level what is going on in your life. Such intuitive persons are “energy readers”.

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Yes of course, a good psychic reader will be able to sense your state of mind and how you are feeling and if you are disturbed.

For example, if you are having trouble with your marriage, a gifted psychic can use their gifts to uncover the layers and reveal what the real issue is and what are the best options available to you under the present circumstances.

It is their professional duty to suggest a better and happier path for you.

#3 The Prognosticator Knows Everything

There can’t be a professional psychic who can know everything about everyone. It is humanly not possible. Also it is very much against human nature and also the laws of the universe.

No professional prognosticator knows everything, despite what you may be led to believe. Some parts of your life’s future he will divine with mastery, others will be a mystery to him so keep your expectations in check. Any pro that claims to know everything about your life probably isn’t worth your time.

Being half on the other side all the time, like some mystics are, doesn’t mean you can tap into any situation. It’s like watching TV; just because you’re tuned into one channel doesn’t mean you’re aware of everything that’s happening on every other channel.

A responsible psychic will ask the Universe or your guides to provide the information that is in your best interest, serve your higher good, and help you in your journey of life.

It can also take time to truly connect to your higher self and get the clearest picture of the situation – so in a few minutes of consultation – an online psychic or an offline psychic can’t read just about everything about you. That much time is only sufficient to look deeply into the areas which are of interest to you and get you the best insights and answers.

Also, your subconscious is a potent force, but it lacks the power to, for example, make you experience key parts of your fate due to a seer “putting ideas in your head.” Life doesn’t work that way. If it did, you would “attract” every fantasy you dwell upon, no matter how unrealistic.

Furthermore, our findings stem from the process of informally observing the life events and circumstances of multitudes of subjects without telling them, in conjunction with tracking the patterns in their personal natal and timing charts. Consequently, the idea of “self-fulfilling prophesy” is immaterial.

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#4 Psychics Readings Should Be 100% Correct

No oracle is 100% accurate, so drop the notion that they should ace every single prophesy. Consider Wall Street investment professionals’ track records, or doctors’ diagnoses. Nobody expects them to be accurate 100% of the time (far from it), so avoid being too demanding of seers.

In our experience, a good diviner’s accuracy is about 60% or higher.

Your future is not set in stone – you have many possibilities and paths and of course you can apply your free will to make choices in every moment.

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A psychic can tell you what is likely to happen if you continue to do what you are doing. But you can improve your karma and thereby your destiny too. The psychic can possibly guide you there and it’s up to you to follow the advice or not. Every choice you make  opens a different door to a path, but it’s never too late to get on a better path with the guidance from a psychic.

Another thing to keep in mind is that timelines can be fuzzy. With most Psychics the dates of events taking place cannot be exact. Again you have free will and the outcome depends on your own timing and actions.

#5 Only Professionals Psychics Have Extraordinary Psychic Abilities

No it is not correct. A person who is spiritually blessed or leads a very pure life or has been able to develop naturally his gifts through meditation can also be equally good psychics, and sometimes better ones.

It’s a myth that only professional mediums have other-dimensional talent. Everyone has some degree of intuitive ability. Some of the most clairvoyant people we’ve met aren’t pros. One of the best ways you can increase your intuitive ability is through meditation.

Whereas professional psychics spend a long time honing their skills and gaining valuable experience. This helps them to become better which in turn builds a happy and regular client base.

Finally, just having good intuition isn’t enough to become an established and trusted psychic.

#6. Nothing is set in stone

As much as we appreciate our fellow professionals of the psychic arts, our findings show that the saying “nothing is set in stone” is a fallacy. Some Light workers may say it to give a client some breathing room, or as an attempt to sugarcoat the truth, but in the long run it’s damaging to subscribe to such a philosophy. The fact is, there’s a lot in life you can’t change, particularly the actions of other people.

Once you witness, as we have, the constant repetition of the patterns in the comprehensive astrology and numerology charts corresponding to personality traits and life circumstances, it’s easy to embrace the idea of immutable personal predetermination.

#7 It is not right to know your future

There’s nothing inherently demonic about prophecy, just as there’s nothing sinister about satellites mapping the surface of the planet, or economists forecasting monetary trends.

Unless you’ve been living in a cave since birth (or have been brainwashed or are simply closed-minded), you recognize it’s perfectly virtuous to foretell the future, as long as you go about it honorably.

#8 Online Psychics Are Not Good

It is incorrect. In fact, during a one to one psychic reading it is much easier for a smart person to read your body language and your expressions to tell you something to impress you.

On the contrary, it is a quite a challenge to do online psychic reading because the psychic has no way of assessing your physical characteristics or guessing your present state of affairs

A good psychic adviser with real psychic abilities does not need to see you in person to provide you with answers. Intuitive abilities operate outside of the realm of the physical world.

Additionally, psychics who are astrologers, Tarot card readers, numerologists, rune readers, dream interpreters, etc. work with their tools and methods to answer your questions clearly.

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