Secret to Manifesting Abundance

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Secret to Manifesting AbundanceAnyone can earn money, almost anyone can become rich as long as the person puts his heart and intentions into it along with hard work. However, regularly manifesting money in an easy manner is a different ball game altogether. You do not have to struggle, work long hours, or take more than one job to become rich. It is just leveraging law of attraction in your favor. In this article, we discuss the real secret to manifesting abundance. Once you know the details of the secret, you can help yourself manifest money in abundance or rather manifest anything easily and regularly.

The secret to manifesting abundance is for everyone – whether you are worried about money or just want more money and let abundance flow into your life. So be ready to receive more and let abundance come to you easily.

Secret to Manifesting Abundance

For the purpose of making it simpler to understand and act upon, we are breaking up the secret into a few components. However, keep in mind that all these components together make one proper Secret to Manifesting Abundance. Therefore, you must follow all the secrets and not act on a few and ignore others.

1. Improve your relationship with ladies of the house

Please begin with your mother and see what the quality of your relationship with her is. In oriental philosophy the goddess of money is Laxmi ( also written as Lakshmi)  and she is in female form. She is revered as the Mother Divine. She is the goddess of money, wealth and all the luxuries.

Besides the quality of your relationship with your mother, you also need to look at the teachings and learning you got from your regarding money. Look inwardly and see what programming you received from your mother about money. For example, you might have learnt about the nature of money from her, such as: Is money good or evil? Is money hard to earn?

Follow this up with improving your relationship with your wife, sister, daughter etc. This is positive psychology also. Also refer to: Spiritual Ways of Attracting Money

2. Love Yourself, Give Yourself due importance

Love Yourself, Give Yourself due importanceThis means that you should imagine yourself to be center of your Universe. Whatever good or bad happens in your life – take responsibility for that. If you are able to manifest things in your life then give yourself the due credit. Similarly if you are not able to manifest something you wished for then also you have to take the responsibility. But the failure does not mean that you should blame yourself or punish yourself for that. Just love yourself. Give yourself the importance you deserve – for you are the most important person in your life. Let your self esteem get a little pampering.

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In short and simple words, do have love and compassion for yourself. This is too is a part of positive psychology.

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3. Do not compare yourself with others

Set your own standards of wealth and define what abundance to you is. Remember no two persons are identical in this world. Therefore, you do not have to copy any one, his standard of living or go by his materialistic possessions.

You may have your own set of unique needs and preferences. Whereas the other person may have his own likes and dislikes. While one person may like to buy a new designer dress to give herself the message of living in abundance, the other person may feel exhilarated having one new luxury sports car every year.

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But you may not prefer to have any of these expensive items. Your interest may lie in traveling around the world by air, flying first class, staying and eating at the most expensive hotels. Thus you see, the concept of abundance means different things to different people. Actually this is going more a few steps further in positive psychology.

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4. Do not worry about others judging you

Be happy in your own world and know what makes you happy or what your priorities are. Never even bother that how others look at you or judge you. What is important to you may not be even the need of the other person.

You can not measure up to their standards as you everyone has different set of circumstances, priorities and needs. You can’t make everyone happy, so why bother? Be comfortable with your own identity and don’t try to change your basic personality to please someone.

So just love yourself as the person and love yourself immensely. Loving yourself and thinking positive are most important secrets of manifesting abundance successfully.

5. Be playful and joyful

Be playful and joyfulRemember looking at the child who is given a dollar or 10 dollar bill? Did you notice that how happy the child gets? The baby almost starts dancing or gets into a very playful mode.

The same should be applicable to you also in life. Don’t remain serious when the topic of money comes up for discussion.

Next time you want to manifest money, feel joy and happiness. Visualize how happy and excited you would be upon receipt of the money. Send out these powerful and joyous vibrations to the Universe. This is the Secret to Manifesting Abundance.

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To Sum Up

Don’t wait for your next act of trying out manifesting abundance or whatever you want to manifest. You have learnt the Secret to Manifesting Abundance now. Follow the steps, let them become your daily habit so that next time you want to manifest, it comes naturally and effortlessly.

Happy Manifesting!!

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