Top 10 Secrets To Manifest Money Fast

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Top 10 Secrets To Manifest Money Fast

Money is energy. Law of attraction is all about attracting what you focus or concentrate upon. The specific process of attracting money and getting it in physical form is manifestation for money. In this article I would like to share my top 10 secrets to manifest money fast. If I have benefited from them time and again, there is every reason that you too can derive immense benefits from these secrets.

I am sure a lot of people try to apply law of attraction in their lives to do manifestation for money but not everyone is successful or is able to manifest money fast. So let us first try to quickly understand that why law of attraction fails to manifest – if it fails.

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Reasons Why We Fail To Manifest Money Fast ?

Whenever the vibrations of a person are not right, he does not get the desired results. This means if the person is feeling desperate to manifest money or at that point of time his energies are low (such as feeling negative), the law of attraction works in the other direction.

Instead of manifesting money, the low of attraction blocks or restricts the flow of money.

Top 10 Secrets To Manifest Money Fast

But what should be done to manifest money fast? How can you raise your vibrations to feel positive and not desperate (even if your bank balance is very low)?

If you are in such a situation, then don’t worry. You are not the only one who is going through this experience. I have been through this experience – almost broke. I remember pitying myself and wondering how I would pull out of this pathetic situation.

Well, I took certain steps and I am grateful to Universe that I am living in abundance now and enjoying it too.

If I could be successful, I have full faith that you too can enjoy beautiful blessings of abundance because Universe is Abundant.

Here I share my top secrets to Manifesting Money……………..

Secret 1: Be clear about the Amount of Money you want to manifest

It is a mental exercise involving some inner work. Therefore, take some time to be with yourself for a few minutes. Put away your communication devices such as mobile phone, laptop, computer etc. Make sure that no one disturbs you during this time.

It would be better to go away from your office and be at a quiet place.

Now be clear about the exact amount of money you want to manifest in your life.

If you are not specific you will be manifesting by default and the final outcome may not be to your like. It is like going to a restaurant and not telling exactly what you want.

Better the clarity, more effective and faster would be the working of law of attraction. In this case, Law Of Attraction will help you to manifest money fast.

Secret 2 : Set Your Intention

Once you have got the clarity about the amount of money you want to manifest, let it be imprinted on your subconscious mind.

There is no going back on this now. Otherwise, you will confuse yourself and confuse the cosmic kitchen (Universe) also.

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Secret 3: Firm Up Your Intention To Manifest Money

This can be done through repeating to yourself certain positive phrases in present tense that you are receiving or getting or manifesting money.

These positive statements are called “affirmations”.

To know more about affirmations, please read : All About Affirmations.

Secret 4: Feel as if money has manifested already

In the realm of manifestation and law of attraction, feelings or the right emotions are very important.

Some Law Of Attraction experts refer to emotions as ‘Energy in Motion’.

So if your feelings are positive, cheerful and full of faith you will make law of attract manifest money faster for you.

To right vibrations come from a positive state of mind. Therefore, any practitioner or student of Law of Attraction and Manifestation should:

  1. Regularly practice meditation (related article: Simple Meditation Technique for Manifestation )
  2. Do visualization (useful article: How To Visualize To Manifest Faster With Law Of Attraction )
  3. Do affirmations (useful link: Powerful Money Affirmations )
  4. Think Positively (link to positive thinking quotes and positive thinking affirmations)

Video: Quotes About Positive Thinking

Secret 5: Strengthen Your Belief and Faith System

“Faith Moves Mountains” in an old adage.

Even machinery needs servicing at regular intervals. We are humans who tend to get influenced by so many things around us. Therefore, it is quite possible and normal to see an individual’s faith shaking up especially when he is desperate or in bad mood.

At such times, some of the things which can helps reverse the negative thoughts and stop the doubts could be:

  1. Read quotations such as Never Give Up Quotes, Motivational Quotes. These can be found in books, websites and Social Media like Instagram, Pinterest etc.
  2. Watch motivational videos
  3. Join online / offline forums, face book groups.  This would help reinforce the faith of an individual in the working of Law of Attraction and the process of money manifestation.

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Secret 6: Let the Money Flow – spend more money, whenever required

It is normally seen that an average person is happy when he receives money. Be it the pay check or the payment for goods and service sold or the lottery money. The smile on the face of person is natural and worth watching.

However, people frown at the sight of bills. It could the electricity bill or car service invoice or insurance or the credit card bill.

Let me again draw your attention to the fact that money is a form of energy and you cannot not spend money. If you hoard the money too much and try not to spend, it will stagnate. Also this will stop the flow of more money.

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Whenever, you receive a bill, you should feel happy that a big organisation like Electricity Company or Gas Company or Telephone Company respects you and it has trust in your ability to pay. They consider you credit worthy. That is why you have been given a credit for 30 to 45 days.

Secondly, payment of bills will give you an opportunity to circulate the money.

Are not these reasons enough to convince you to feel happy when you receive the bill next time? Next time when you receive the bill, pay it happily.

Secret 7: Love and Bless Money

This is just an extension of the previous point. Just make sure whatever is the amount money you have; you treat it with respect and love it.

If you have surplus money, think of investing it wisely so that your money earns money. Regarding spending money, make a budget. If you have less money than the required amount, then make a budget and spend it according the order of priority.

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Welcome and respect the money when you receive it love the money you have – whether in the form of cash or the balance in bank or in the form of assets such as house, gold, land etc.

Similarly, when you are making the payment, bless the money with a thought that many times more amount is going to be received by you.

Secret 8: Pray

Another important step to manifest money fast is to be communication with the source of abundance itself. We are all unique creations of the Creator or God or Universe, in the same way that a drop of water is an individualization of the ocean.  We are an extension of God. This Universe which is the creation of God has everything in abundance. See how vast is the expanse of the Universe.

To pray is to be in communion with God.

It is very important to know and feel that everything in this physical universe, whether it’s the food, or that person you don’t like, or the money you want, or the physical wellness you want, it’s all in a different individualization of God, or the Universe.  It’s all made from the same water of the ocean and we are all connected to it.

Here are links to some specific money, abundance and finance related prayers:

And when we understand that, our consciousness grows. We then become aware that it’s not “I” who is earning money, it’s not coming from lack.

It’s coming from a place of fullness.  And when we let ourselves connect with the place of fullness we receive money.

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Prayer is wonderful method of creating awareness of this fact. When you are in the consciousness of abundance, you will recognize, receive and attract more abundance including money.  Whereas, if you are in the consciousness of lack and limitation, you will continue to bring about that.

Also we recommend that you read: The Importance Of Prayer

Secret 9: Appreciate the Money and Money Making Resources You Have

You are unique and your circumstances, assets and resources are unique. There is a divine purpose the Creator has made you that way. Therefore, accept it and respect it.

The next step is to own up your power and respecting the value it gives you. The more you appreciate what you have, the more value you can create from it.

Accept and respect your uniqueness which also includes your education, health, state you are born in, your talents and whatever money and physical assets you have. Once you begin to do so, others will also begin to respect you and value you as a person.

Once you are at better position, wouldn’t you be in a position to leverage that to manifest more money or manifest money faster?

Shall we say that this change in attitude is enough to turn you from a loser mentality to a super human mentality?

Once you start respecting your true value and potential, you’ll soon be happier than you ever imagined.

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Secret 10: Be In Attitude of Gratitude

Some of the readers may wonder that what the connection between Gratitude and Money Manifestation is?

As you may already know that in order to let anything come into your life, you need to be on the same vibrational frequency as the essence of that thing. Thus, if you want to attract money, or any other good thing or person or circumstances, you need to be in a happy and cheerful mental and emotional state and open to receive.

Hence when you focus on the feeling of gratitude, you send a strong signal of “abundance” to the universe, and the Law of Attraction positively responds by sending you even MORE abundance.

Another way of looking at it is, when you are in a positive emotional state, you clear the money blocks and Universe sends the flow of abundance the whole time!

Of course, we know that abundance can come in many different forms, money, good jobs, improvement in your business, unexpected bonuses, opportunities, and more.

No matter what is stage you are at – beginner, practitioner or advanced level Law of Attraction and Manifestation expert, you will multiply your benefits by practicing Gratitude Affirmations. If you prefer a video, here it is:

Video:15 Powerful Gratitude Affirmations

Bonus Tip: Be Persistent

Failures, disappointments, delays are a fact of life. Life makes everyone experience that. Even individuals with the most positive attitude in the world, would not have achieved much without being persistence.

The same is also applicable to Law of Attraction. It is the very nature of life and in the journey of life, be prepared to face delays, roadblocks, and detours. Just be patient and have fun! Take one day at a time.

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