Short Good Night Prayers

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Short Good Night PrayersEnding your day with prayer is a wonderful way to connect with God. Prayer is the best way to receive God’s grace.  Saying a good night prayer helps you let go of the stress and find peace before falling asleep. This page gives you a choice of three short good night prayers.

You may choose one or all the prayers, say them with devotion and be ready to receive God’s infinite grace upon you. You may also like to click on the links below to reach to the desired section instantly:

Short Good Night Prayers

No matter how difficult or challenging was you day,  , talking to God through good night prayers and telling Him about the problems you faced today will make you feel lighter. It will also strengthen your faith in God.

It is equally possible that you had a wonderful day or a mixed day. Hence Prayer before going to sleep also helps you recall all the good things that happened during the day that you have to be grateful for!

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Prayer Before Going to Sleep

The soul of this prayer is to thank God for the day just gone; entrust oneself into the care of God and requesting for the good dreams. The prayer affirms one’s faith in God and requests for God’s grace for the coming day also.


Dear Father in Heaven,

Thank you for the day.

You showed your presence around in beautiful ways

All through the day I felt your presence and grace through

The sunrise and chirping of the birds

And the bright sun above

Thank you for the things I enjoyed during the day

Thank you for the food, and for the cosy home I live in

Thank you for the love and care of my family and for my affectionate friends

Oh Heavenly Father, how can I thank you enough for helping me discharge my duties successfully during the day

Thank you God for your support and guidance to win over the challenges

Above all, thank you for being beside me through each moment.

Dear God, please bless me with a good night’s sleep and May I dream good dreams and get again tomorrow morning to thank you once again.


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A Short Good Night Prayer

A short prayer from heart that praises God as the true protector, friend and guide. This bedtime prayer seeks refuge and recharge under God’s care, love and protection.


Dear Lord

Kindly bless us as we rest

Please recharge our body, mind and the soul as we sleep

Put your loving and protecting hand over us as we drift off

You care for us and send us sweet dreams


Forgive us for the mistakes made by us – knowingly or unknowingly

Let your grace always shine on us

May we always feel your presence and be safe, happy and protected


Only on you we truly depend

You are the true friend and guide

You know our emotions and feelings

You see our thoughts and desires

You understand our challenges

You stay with us all through the night


Dear Lord, you are our refuge and strength and thank you that

Strengthen our faith

Please guard and protect our hearts, minds and souls


As we pray for your forgiveness, mercy and grace

May your blessings fill our body, mind and soul

And we sleep peacefully


Short Prayer Before Bed

This is a simple night time prayer for protection. This prayer written in the style of a short letter to God, which glorifies His mercy, grace, and everlasting care  Do this prayer before going to sleep and sleep in peace.


Dear Father in Heaven,

As I retire for the day, help me to sift through the several experiences, emotions and thoughts I have had today.


Dear God, I once again surrender all I am to you.

Also I lay before you all my actions, deeds.

I choose to handover all my thoughts of worries, concerns, hopes and fears


As I sleep tonight, I choose to hold your hand.

I choose to believe in you with full faith and devotion.

I choose to live under your grace and glory

As always I choose to trust you, forever.


I feel safe with you

I feel cared and protected by you

You are the safest place

You are the God of Grace, Mercy and Love


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A request to dear readers,

Share these divine bedtime and evening prayers with your parents, spouse and children, so they too can fall asleep feeling blessed and grateful!

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