Signs that Law of Attraction is Working

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Signs that Law of Attraction is workingAre you new into the manifesting desires using Law of Attraction? That’s good but do you have a feedback mechanism that your manifestation is going to take place. Simply put, do you know about the signs that Law of Attraction is working?

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Why regular feedback about the working of Law of Attraction is important?

Law of Attraction practitioners, especially the beginners need to become aware of the signs that the Law of Attraction is going to manifesting desires and manifest dreams for them.

There are many people who have failed to attract what they want, and they are not sure if the law of attraction is working or not working for them.

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Are there signs to affirm that Law of Attraction is working?

We are so much used to navigation and GPS system that we want a regular feedback about progress about every aspect of life. Actually it is a good idea!

So is there a way to find out whether the law of attraction is working in your life? Well, yes. Universe does prepare you to receive your manifestations and also sends you the signals that you are on the right path of practice as far as Law of Attraction and manifestation goes.

Signs that Law of Attraction is Working

The signs of manifestation law of attraction always – it is one of the Universal Laws of Nature. Just like law of gravity, Law of Attraction is applicable at all the times, to all the humans, at all the places. Like always attracts like.

Therefore, rather than doubting whether law of attraction is working for me, we can use this feedback to align ourselves with the Universal vibrations or frequency. This will enable the law of attraction to manifest for you exactly what you want. You may also like to refer to: Tips To Make Law Of Attraction Give Better Results

Sign#1: Frequent and Right Coincidences

This is one of the clearest and first signs that you will notice. Also this is one of the most common signs that your law of attraction is working for you.

You will begin to notice “lucky coincidence”.  For example, you think of friend whom you have not met for a long time and suddenly you bump into each other at the mall or on a flight. In fact, both the lucky coincidences have actually taken place in my life as well as in the lives of the people I know.

Let us go one step further. Suppose you need some help and guidance from a person about some ambitious project of yours or something you are trying to manifest. And it might just happen that someone drops in your office who can be a help himself or introduces to some Mr. Right.

Or a friend might insist you come to his birthday party and you end up meeting the person who will change your life in a very significant way.

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This means that the divine intelligence is at play. These are just a few of the numerous  ways that Universe might be clearing your path so you can stay in your flow and manifest your desire.

It is recommended that you trust the mysterious ways of Universe and be open to opportunities that come your way and grab as many of them as you can with this new awareness.

Sign#2: Less Resistance or No Resistance

Sometimes when an important task is to be done or a goal is to be achieved, you might experience delays, resistance / objections from the people who matter. Even the circumstances cause delays and frustrations. For example, it might be cancellation of flight due to bad weather, crashing of laptop, financer backing out etc.

However, with the right practice of Law of Attraction, the Universe works to align the people and circumstances in your favour. Now “Frequent and Right Coincidences” start happening in your life regularly.

Your journey to your goal post becomes smoother.

Towards the end

The main purpose of this article on the application of law of attraction is to help you shift your focus in the direction so you can get confirmation from the signs that help you know that this law is working positively to manifest your dreams. So instead of doubt, increase your faith and continue with whatever right you are doing.

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