Signs You Are A Psychic Medium

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Are you a psychic medium? Based on my research work and study, I am going to give you a few signs you are a psychic medium.

Are you a psychic medium? Well, it is not a very difficult question to answer. I met couple of psychics and psychic mediums near me and had in – depth discussions with them. Also I did a lot of online research as well as read up a few books. Based on my work, I am going to give you a few signs you are a psychic medium.

Signs You Are A Psychic Medium

Please go through these signs and if you think that yes you do confirm to having experienced them, it does indicate that either you may be a psychic medium or you have the potential to become medium.

Psychic medium or not, I do promise that this would make an interesting reading. Oh yes, for those of you who are not very familiar with the terms relating to the Psychics, here are links to interesting and informative articles:

So this is for you guys.

Sign #1  You have seen spirits as a child

One of the signs that you are a psychic medium is if you’ve seen spirits as a child.

Some gifted psychics near me probably started seeing them when they were toddlers. Of course, many such people would definitely remember noticing spirits as a teenager. If you are a natural born psychic medium you will always remember seeing spirits as a teenager.

The reason why this happens at such a young age is because as a kid you are open minded and you have no pre conceived notions. You’re innocent. There are different ways spirits communicate with us.

So it’s easier for spirits to come to you because you are pure and your mind has not been programmed.

Basically you’re receptive and stress free. So you haven’t been polluted by the world and don’t have the stresses and things that an adult may have.

Stress and prejudice can cause obstacle. Since you’re young and innocent, it’s easier for spirits to connect to you.

If you are the one who has noticed the spirits, then you must have also observed that as a child you may see spirits more often and then after you grew up. Maybe they simply stopped or you didn’t see them as frequently. This is because we get busy.

As a grownup adult, we have so many targets, expectations and responsibilities which may cause stress. So our days are busier.

We don’t have enough time to sit and meditate – which makes it easier to stay connected to the spirit world.

So as you get older the chances of people seeing spirits like they we’ve seen as a kid lessens.

If you are interested, you have to work at it. This may mean working on your building your intuitive abilities or opening your third eye and meditating to get that connection back.

It is quite possible that some of you may have blocked it. But this gift or skill will not go away from you.

You may see the spirits with your eyes wide open and in wake up state or see them coming into your dreams. So that’s how it works for many psychic mediums.

Sign #2 You are afraid of the dark

Probably while growing you have seen things in the dark and started fearing the dark. Some of such people can’t sleep in the dark. They have to either have the TV on or a night light.

So if you grew up afraid of the dark as a child or even as an adult it may be because you are psychic medium. It not necessarily that you are afraid of the spirits but you are just more comfortable that way.

Sign #3 You have vivid or prophetic dreams

Most psychics have definitely been having vivid and prophetic dreams in their life. Their dreams are symbolic, vivid and could even be of an important future even which is going to affect many people.

Sometimes these dreams could be so vivid and so real that the dreamers know that it is usually a warning or a message for the dreamer or a message to be given to someone else. At other times in the vivid dreams the spirits come to relate messages to the psychic or wanted the psychic medium to give the message to someone.

So if you have vivid dreams or prophetic dreams then you most definitely may be a psychic medium.

Sign #4 You have a natural connection with animals

Sometimes animals such as dogs go out of their way to find you. This is because animals know and identify psychic and connected people. Animals rely heavily on their intuition. They recognize that energy easily in humans, sometimes even much before the specific person knows of his psychic ability.

Communicating with animals is one of the psychic abilities.

Sign #5 Old cities or disaster sites are difficult to deal due to so much energy

You feel a lot of energy when you are in cemeteries, between old furniture or belongings, and / or old buildings or ancient cities. It is almost an electrical experience for your whole body.

Old cities or disaster sites are difficult to deal with due to so much energy.

Sign #6 You are related to a Psychic Medium

It is believed that such gifts of intuition or paranormal kind can be passed on or sometimes they skip a generation. So you could be a Psychic Medium if you are related to someone with such gift.

Sign # 7 Electronics Goods and Appliance go erratic

Even I can relate to this so much. If the electronics gadgets go wacky around you then you most definitely may be a psychic medium.

Electronics items like a cell phone, earphones, or even the lights, may break or malfunction.

The reason why this happens to Psychic Mediums is because they vibrate on a higher frequency than others. So everything just goes haywire.

So if you too had to change a light bulb or get the gadgets fixed regularly for no particular reason – it’s because you may be a psychic medium and you vibrate on a totally different level than normal people.

Sign #8 You see shadows, sparkles or flashing light

Have you ever seen shadows from time-to-time, flashing lights or sparkles for no reason then that’s a sign you may be a psychic medium.

For example, you may be watching TV and then you may notice something moving away out of your peripheral. It may be like a flash or a dark shadow like move super fast. It may happen in a split second or you may be looking at something or you know moving around or it turn your head and then all of a sudden you see a sparkle – like floating somewhere and then it disappears.

Many psychics say it happened to them. So if this has happened to you then you may be a psychic medium.

The possible explanation is that it takes the spirits a lot of energy to manifest themselves for humans to see them. So if you’ve seen a spirit full-on – like a figure of a person, it takes a lot of energy for them to do that. So if you see dark shadows or sparkles or things like that it’s because it takes some less energy to do that than to become a full-on apparition.

So they may appear to you as a shadow plus one or two seconds like you see them and then you don’t. So if this has happened to you over the course of your life then you may be a psychic medium.

Sign #9 You’ve had visitations from loved ones

If you’ve had visitations from loved ones who have passed on – even it was from dreams or physically seeing their spirit, it is a sign you may be a psychic medium.

A lot of times people may dream of their loved ones that have died but with a psychic medium the dreams are very different.

A visitation dream is said to be very different from regular dreams. It’s very realistic and also the scene will always be very clear and calm. It won’t be as busy. You may like to read: What Do Dreams Mean and Dream Interpretation

Possibly your family members are coming to you because you are sensitive to the spirit world. You are the one that they can communicate with, with no problems and relate messages to either you or to someone else in the family.

Also another reason why a family member may come to you that have passed on is if the person that they want to relate the message to is still grieving. If the person is still grieving they are blocked as the spirits cannot get through to a loved one if that person is still grieving their dead.

So they may come to the person in the family who is sensitive to spirit and who may not be in that same stage of grieving to relate the message to the person who is still grieving. So if you ever go to a psychic medium yourself for reading and try to get a mediumship reading and that person cannot get through to the spirit is maybe because you are still grieving.

So if you’re still crying and you know sad and still stressed out and depressed over the person passing, it’s going to be hard for that spirit to come to you or connect to you. So please keep that in mind.

If you guys are having family members come to you is because you’re sensitive to the spirit world. You are not in the grieving process stage that others maybe in the family.

Sign #10 You don’t sleep well

You don’t sleep well and/or wake up early say around 3 am to 4 am. This happens because it is believed that it is rather easier time for the spirit beyond this world to connect with you.

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So those are a few important and specific signs that you may be a psychic medium. There is even a possibility that you have one or more of these signs.

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