Signs You May Have Psychic Abilities

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Signs You May Have Psychic AbilitiesHave you come across some people who can tell something about you on the very first meeting – which very few people know? You must have known some people who have get some sort of a feeling about future and eventually their feeling comes out to be true! What do you call them – Psychic or Clairvoyant or Intuitive Persons?  As a matter of fact, nature has gifted all of us a sixth sense or an intuitive feeling to help and guide us and sometimes to warn of us a danger. So there is nothing scary or spooky about it. Of course one individual may have more developed psychic abilities. Here are signs you may have psychic abilities too.

Also here is a link to a short video on the subject.

Signs You May Have Psychic Abilities

If you wish to know how good a psychic you are, then check out these signs. Of course, if you are interest to develop your psychic abilities further then you may like to refer to: How to Develop Psychic and Intuitive Abilities?


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1. You have premonitions

Do you quite often get a strong feeling that something is about to happen, especially something not very pleasant about your near and dear ones. If the answer is yes, then you do have psychic abilities.

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2. You predict the future events effortlessly

You are one of those persons who can see or feel or hear in your mind the events that are going to take place. Perhaps you always have that ability to accurately predict the value of your stock. May be when the phone rings you are able to tell that who is on the line and what is he going to say.

Well, congratulations you are an intuitive person who is on his way to do psychic reading provided you are able to do it regularly and every time correctly.

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3. Vivid dreams with deep meaning or message that sometimes come true

Quite possibly, in your circle of friends or family, there would be someone who often shares his or her unusual dream and they do come true also, sometimes. If it is happening with you as well you are getting sign from the Mother Nature that you are the chosen one to receive the messages from the other side.  Please do read: What Do Dreams Mean and Dream Interpretation

Normally such dreams are vivid and are with clear details. The dreamer is clearly able to recall the dream after getting up from sleep.

Short Video: Signs You May Have Psychic Abilities

4. You are sensitive to the energy of others

If you are a good Psychic already then you probably can feel, or even get effected by the energy of the individual who comes near you. You can sense, read or even know about the past, present and future of the person around you. Please read: How to remove fear and anxiety?

This is one of a strong signs you may have psychic abilities. For example, a stranger sitting next to you in the flight and you get images in your mind’s eye of hospital, medicines, Operation Theater. Later, you find out this person is a medical doctor / surgeon.

5. You read minds of people

Do you tend to pick up what someone else is thinking? For example, you tell your friend something and he says I have been thinking the exact same thing!  Maybe your friend comes to you for an advice and during the conversation he says, “I was thinking exactly the same” or “Yes, I did exactly the same”.

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6. You can see past, current or future events

Let us say someone approaches you and says that his father is not well. For you this is sufficient to trigger a movie in your mind that his father has recently met with an accident and is now in the hospital. You are also able to see his father being discharged from the hospital and everyone around him is smiling. Some people also call it ‘getting the visions’.

Welcome to the club of Psychics, Fortune Tellers and Clairvoyants. In case you were wondering, no you are not going abnormal or crazy, you are just blessed with good intuition and developed Psychic Abilities.

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7. You can feel others’ pain and pleasures

Sometime back I had a surgery. While I was recuperating at home, I was suddenly hit by high fever and lot of pain in the operated area. I called my psychic teacher and guide Dr. Anita and requested her to send me some healing but I did not mention about my terrible condition. After some time she called back and mildly reprimanded me for not informing her earlier and why I have been enduring so much pain and high fever?

After 2- 3 days, when my condition improved, she again called to tell me that she saw me smiling for the first time in the last few days!

Isn’t it amazing! Sitting in her meditation room how could Dr. Anita know of my exact condition and notice the improvements also!  In a nutshell, she has the psychic skill to connect with the emotions of other and feel them. These are the abilities of a true psychic who is at a very advanced level.

8. You can sense danger

Have you ever had an inner voice telling you not to leave house at that particular moment or not to take a particular route while driving car or not go for shopping to a particular mall. Did this ever prove true also? For example, you later learnt that there traffic was diverted on that road causing much confusion and chaos. If it so, you may be psychically gifted.

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9. You sense trouble for someone near and dear

This is a very direct feeling where you just know someone you love could get into trouble. Perhaps you called your spouse to leave office early and come home straight. It is because of you deep connection with someone you love so much that you get a feeling that she or he could get into trouble. So you receive the message and you warn the person concerned.

There is nothing wrong in being a channel in receiving the messages of the super consciousness because your connection with the Universe is better than many others.

10. You hear voices

Sometimes our sixth sense or intuition can sound like the voice in our head. Some people prefer to call it inner voice when they experience is often and are benefitted too. For example, while driving, you hear in your head to slow down and within the fraction of a second a child jumps from nowhere in front of your car. The little child is unmindful of the traffic on the street as he is busy chasing his ball. Your hear misses a beat and you thank yourself for listening to your inner voice.

Some people feel this inner voice inside their head while for some it comes from their heart. It doesn’t matter really for you are receiving guidance through that voice from your higher self, so listen up.

Is everyone a psychic?

This could be part of a big debate which perhaps can never be answered with scientific evidence. But look at it this way that it is a natural gift and part of earlier survival instincts. As long as your sixth sense serves you, embrace it and connect deeply and Universe. Help yourself and others.

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Do share which of these signs ways of your psychic abilities, you have experienced in the comments box below!


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