Simple Meditation Technique for Manifestation

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Simple Meditation Method for Manifestation

Meditation and Manifestation are strongly linked with each other. To improve your success rate of Manifestation, using meditation is an indispensable tool. This article shares Simple Meditation Technique for Manifestation. You will also find information under related sections such as:

  • How meditation helps
  • Need for Meditation
  • Role of meditation in our daily life
  • Benefits of Meditation
  • Tips and Suggestions for doing meditation

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Role of Meditation in our daily life

If you are a seeker or fond of dwelling on the subject of Self Development or have keen interest in the fields of Para-psychology or just wanting to heal yourself with the help of Universal Energy, you must have been told to practice Meditation. Of course, depending on your interest and what you are looking for, you must have read or been told about the many benefits of meditation such as increased concentration, better mental health, higher productivity, improved memory, better ability to deal with the stress and tensions of day to day life and of course, a useful tool to improve the manifestation utilizing the Laws of Attraction.

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Need for Meditation

Think about what you would like to manifest in life. Some of you may like to manifest a wonderful new relationship or strengthen the existing relationship by making it more harmonious. Perhaps you would like to manifest better health for you or heal a part of the body which has been resisting healing or it is that you want to be in a better shape by shedding extra weight. There may be a need to control the blood pressure or diabetes or manifest better energy and flexibility in the body.

Perhaps you would like to overcome an addiction or work on your fear and phobias. Some of you may like to work on financial prosperity and may like to manifest abundance or new job or a good promotion. Also there could be a desire for better self confidence to replace the sense of insecurity.

Whatever it is that you want to manifest, you can do so by regularly doing simple meditation every day in the morning and still better if you can also do it in the afternoon and in the night.

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Is it difficult to practice Meditation

While the idea in theory looks definitely interesting and good but some people conjure up a picture of sitting semi naked under a tree, chanting a mantra for long hours of day and starving yourself. But this is weird and not the correct representation of the meditation technique being described here –which almost anyone can do.

On the contrary, Meditation is the easiest and simplest way to relax your body and mind and raise your spiritual vibration. This can help you to attract so many benefits – if done properly and regularly. You may also like:

How Meditation Helps

When meditation is practiced, the person stops thinking unnecessarily. He (or she) also has much less number of thoughts entering and leaving his mind. This helps in reducing and ultimately almost eliminating the limiting thoughts, negative thoughts, unwanted thoughts which are so damaging in nature.

This allows your vibrations to rise, you connect to your higher self or the Creator. With specific context of Law of Attraction, the better your connection with the Universe and less of the limiting thoughts will facilitate faster and easier manifestation.

Video: Meditation for Manifesting Money 

Creating Wealth & Success

Simple Meditation Technique for Manifestation

There are many ways to meditate and perhaps all are correct and helpful. But here is an easy and simple method which any one can practice without any problems.

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The steps of simple meditation technique

  1. Find a comfortable place in the room / corner in the house, where you are not likely to be disturbed for about 15 minutes.
  2. Sit in a lotus position (on the floor with legs crossed, spine straight and comfortable but not unnecessarily stretched, hands on your knees or in your lap). If you are not very comfortable in this posture, then you can use chair, as long as you sit straight.
  3. Make sure that you are wearing comfortable clothing and light is just right – not to dazzle you or too dim – in case you tend to fall asleep or not feel comfortable in low light room.
  4. Close your eyes and take a full deep breath through your nose and exhale.
  5. Take a few more long breaths – inhale slowly and exhale, focussing your attention on your breath. Watch it in your mind’s eye the breaths going in (right up to your abdomen) and coming out.
  6. Do it 5 to 7 times.
  7. If you feel that your mind is wandering or is jumping like a monkey from one thought to another, don’t worry nor force yourself. Keep going and at some time a feeling going deep within or feeling light or feeling wholeness will come to you.
  8. This is the calmness you are after and it is also the meditative stage. Enjoy these moments. Let go totally.
  9. Visualize that you are inhaling good health, positive energy, happiness, good luck into your life. Similarly, while exhaling imagine that you are throwing out negative thoughts, bad vibrations, negative emotions like guilt, hate, jealousy, anger etc. Overall, visualize that this is taking you to higher vibration level. For details, please read: Powerful Visualization Technique to achieve dream goals
  10. Stay in the blissful state for about 8 to 10 minutes (or less / more as you desire).
  11. Slowly come back to your normal level of consciousness by taking a deep breath, say thanks to the Universe and yourself.

More on Simple Meditation Technique for Manifestation

  1. Please practice simple meditation for a few days
  2. Once you become good at it, introduce affirmations relating to what you wish to manifest. Do it at the time or stage when you are in a totally relaxed state during your meditation.
  3. Affirmations: To facilitate the practice of meditation further, you may record your voice over a digital recording device and play it. Alternatively you may like to buy or download from YouTube a pre-recorded set of affirmations or suggestions. However, if they interfere with your flow or distract you in any manner then simply turn them off. For details, please see: All about Affirmations
  4. Visualization Exercise: Think about what you would like to manifest in your life, now happening to you. For example, if it is a brand new car, think of the exact model and color etc. now coming from the faraway horizon and you are being handed over the keys. Next you are behind the wheel of the car and enjoying the ride. Live every moment of it through all your senses and emotions.
  5. Give this visualization the divine energy.
  6. For best results, use visualization along with affirmations.
  7. Once your practice develops, think of positive thoughts and amplify them. This will be beneficial – even if you don’t have any manifestation on your agenda for that day.
  8. Believe that you are a co-creator along with the most powerful Creator of this Universe.

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Benefits of Mediation and Feelings of good Mediation

  • You will find yourself more focused, more centered with better concentration.
  • You will be able to let go unnecessary worries, thoughts and tensions.
  • Materialistic attachments may lessen, making you feel lighter.
  • The exercise of manifestation or materializing will become better and easier in your life – that what you concentrate upon in your meditation.

Tips and suggestions for doing Meditation

  • Make meditation a part of your daily morning experience. However, you are too busy then you can do it any time of the day. You may also like to refer to: Daily Morning Habits to Become Successful
  • However, it is the regularity and continuous practice which holds the key.
  • Do not feel guilty, if you fall asleep. There is nothing wrong or against the practise. At least you are relaxing.
  • If for some reason, you miss your meditation, do not be harsh on yourself.
  • Don’t compare your mediation practice with anyone. It is not a competition.
  • Even if you do not have anything in particular to manifest, you should still meditate and enjoy the state of bliss.
  • Don’t force yourself into it. Make meditation as an easy and pleasant practice

About Simple Mediation

It is as easy as that.

Let there be a smile and a feeling of joy of happiness during and after the meditation. With daily practice you will find that the quality of connection of your mind with the Divine keeps improving.

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