Simple Secrets of Money Manifestation

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How to Manifest MoneyAre you seriously in need of money? Have you tried all the traditional ways of earning more money but have not been happy with the results? Are you desperately looking for the magic formula to manifest money? Well congratulations, you are on the right page and we are going to share with you simple secrets of money manifestation. Not only shall we share Simple Secrets of Money Manifestation but we will also give you the tips which will facilitate the entire process – provided you follow sincerely what is recommended here.

Simple Secrets of Money Manifestation

Manifesting money is all about the energy work. The supplier or provider of money is the universe having infinite abundance. The currency of universe is energy and the method to communicate with universe is the frequency of your vibrations.

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Secret 1: Go Easy – Do Not Be Desperate

One of the important rules to manifest money is to be playful rather than be desperate. The logic is simple – the feeling of lack gets vibrated to the universe and universe responds with their blockage of flow of money and abundance to you.

The exact opposite is also true. When you look up to the universe with faith, belief and expectancy you are rewarded with the abundant supply of money from expected as well as unexpected sources.

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Tip: Have you ever noticed the growth of the plants? How effortlessly a new branch comes out of the trunk of the tree or from a bigger branch. In a matter of few hours a beautiful soft leaf comes out of almost nowhere. The point being made where is that evil a gigantic tree comes out of a tiny seed but there is no apparent struggle or desperation. It happens so smoothly and beautifully.

Hence you should also send out your money manifestation intentions to the universe in a regular manner but without any complaints emotions of struggle of desperation.

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Read on, there are many more simple secrets of money manifestation.

Secret 2: Tell The Universe How Much Money You Need

Be clear with yourself first that how much money you need and then let the universe know. Perhaps you would have realized the fact that the biggest computer is the universe itself. Therefore like the computers with us humans, the principle of garbage in garbage out also applies with the Cosmos.

Tip: Suppose you go to a restaurant to buy dinner for yourself. Unless you tell the waiter what exactly is the dish and the bread you want, the the waiter will be unable to bring dinner for you even if you are dying of Hunger. This is simply because he is standing confused in front of you.

Hence, clarity is the name of the game here.

Secret 3: Believe that you are getting it

There is now a need to reprogram your subconscious mind. By orienting it from the feeling it to lack to the feeling of riches the subconscious mind will dutifully connect you with the source of money, the ideas to get money, the people who can give you money or teach you how to earn money. In other words, the new mental shift will get you the opportunities and the break you always needed.

This can be done through:

The basic idea is to fake it till you make it. You must feel as if the money has already been manifested.

Secret 4: Be Grateful for What You Have

You must always give thanks for whatever money, wealth and prosperity you have despite your present physical reality. This is the ultimate key to getting your desires fulfilled by the Universe.

The more you are grateful for what you currently have, the better are chances that you’ll be better off – financially – in the future. People who are grateful advance in their careers, may be growing higher and end up making more money. Gratitude is an underrated but essential element of success.

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Secret 5: Love Money

Most people think it is an embarrassing idea to love money. So they go around proudly telling that they are above any attachments for money or they have no love for money. To this the Law of Attractions says, “So Be It”.

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Let us think about this for a while. Don’t you feel happy when you receive your pay check, don’t the children feel happy to receive money from elders? If the child who is so innocent and unpretentious loves money, why should you hide your real emotions? The logic is simple.

If you don’t care or love anybody why should he or she come to you? It is same for money also. Therefore, it is OK to love money or like money. Must read: Why You Should Bless Money

Secret 6: Respect Money

Respect Money, Love Money, Bless MoneyWhile we all desire and want lots money to flow into our lives but somewhere in our mind we have these negative associations towards money and this causes inconsistency in our vibrational messages to the Universe. As long as you have disrespect for money, you will never be able to really become rich.

The best way to show deep respect for the energy of your current money is to ensure that all the currency notes are sitting neatly in your purse or wallet. Don’t stuff your wallet with other papers or stuff. Do not keep your wallet in your hip pocket.

When you receive money or check from someone then receive it with profound reverence. Remember that rich people always have a high degree of respect for money. Millionaires don’t waste it. They don’t throw the money away on worthless items. They don’t feel ashamed of having lots of money either.

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Secret 7: Pray

Prayer is one of the ways of surrendering before the ultimate higher power. Let your finite wisdom be guided by the infinite and supreme cosmic intelligence. No one individually or collectively is more wise, experienced, learned, knowledgeable or intelligent than the Universe. So by saying prayers you humbly let the Universe show you the right path, create doors to the right opportunities, give you the energy and motivation to act and get it.

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Secret 8: Be Gentle

This was the most effective and loving piece of advice you can get when you are facing too many challenges – all at the same time.

Instead of fighting at multiple fronts, just be gentle on yourself and handle one thing at a time. Also take one day at a time. This can help you tremendously by saving your precious energy rather than dissipating it.

With more energy you will be better focused, living in the present moment and not damage your vibration with overwhelm by thinking about the uncertainty of your current financial position and financial future. This is a very important factor to successfully manage your energy throughout the manifesting process.

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