Spiritual Ways of Attracting Money

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Spiritual Ways of Attracting MoneyIn this blog article, we focus on spiritual ways of attracting money. Money, Wealth, Prosperity, Abundance, are your heart felt desires. You love cash and want to earn make easy money. Besides your regular job or business, you might have tried already tried many ways of making money. This could be by trying to earn money online. Alternatively you have tried offline methods such as investing in stock and speculating in the stock market. Perhaps you are not that successful and your heart wants more cash.

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What would be the state of the economy in near future? Where would the Money come from? How would the money come to me? You have not to worry about these questions. There is plenty for all of us – provided we know how to tap the infinite source of money.

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Spiritual Ways of Attracting Money

In the spiritual world, money is energy and money has power. Like all other forces such as wind, fire money also is subjected to certain Universal laws and principles. Once we understand these laws and align our thoughts and actions accordingly, we open the doors to Money, Wealth, and Prosperity for us and that too in Abundance.

Most of us have been brought up with the importance of hard work, intelligence, education and other good factors for earning money and being successful.

However, by experience we can say that certain other factors also play very important role in determining the amount of money we will have – no matter how good is the Investment, Financial Planning or the Wealth Management.


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You may also put them in the same category as the Law Of Attraction or the principles given in The Secret. When these ways of attracting money are followed, they have a propensity to instantly attract money from the infinite source, defy our normal understanding of cause and effect. It goes beyond what is logical and rationally possible.

Such miraculous and abundant results are indications of the wondrous phenomenon of “manifestation” at work.

The powerful steps

Here are some of the important spiritual steps to attract money. Do try and see if the manifestation thrills you also:

#1 Gratitude

This is the most important spiritual law of money and wealth. When you are grateful to the Universe for what it has already given you, it merrily responds by giving you more. Gratitude is a great way to start attracting money spiritually. Be grateful for the money and wealth you already have and the sources of money you are connected to. Be in the attitude of gratitude every day, every moment and for everything you have!

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#2 Set Your Intention, Focus and Pay Attention

It is actually a combination of three step process. First you set your intention about the exact amount of money you require or the specific item you need. Send your intention to the Universe by talking to God. Next you should focus on that particular thing or the amount of money.

Now let the magic of manifestation start in your life.

The secret is that if you focus on money or any other object then you’ll start attracting money or manifest that object in your life. Be careful, intention is everything when it comes to manifestation. If you focus on something negative then you’ll attract that negative.

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#3 Let the Money Flow

The natural state of money is that it has to be in circulation. That is the spiritual law of money and also the basic principal of economics. Therefore, pay your bills and dues happily – expecting to receive back more money than you have spent.

Let the money also go into charity in the form of tithing, any act of kindness such as feeding the poor or helping someone needy in cash or kind.

In sharp contrast, if you hold back money you are hoarding money. In other words, you are causing congestion or restricting the flow of money. As per the spiritual law of money, the flow will eventually stop. Remind yourself that the other name for money is currency, which is derived from the word current.

So let the money rain on you. Visualize that way!

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#4 Appreciate Your Service Providers and Pay Them in Time

Is it not wonderful that your employees and the utility companies such as electricity, water municipal Corporation etc. give you a credit period. For one month you did you enjoy their services and then only they sent the bills to you.

Therefore, you should give thanks for the services received, and pray that you and your family may continue to enjoy what each bill represents.

Continuing in the same spirit, pay your bills promptly and in full. While you’re at it, bless those who helped provide for you.

This way you will be in the state of happiness and gratitude while paying the bills for the services you have already enjoyed.

#5 Be Generous and Help Others

When you shift your focus from the state of lack and limitations to the state of abundance, you increase your energy.

This prepares the stage for receiving more from the infinite source. The best way to do so is to help others who are more needy that you.

You may help them in the form of money or the services. It could be to one individual or a section of society.

The universe does not care how big or small is your contribution. Even the smallest act of giving is sure to attract some good fortune, including the attraction of more money.

When you give from a place of genuine love and compassion to others, you create a bigger room to receive greater happiness, which is the precursor to wealth.

#6 Receive Graciously

When you open yourself to receiving you set into motion a wondrous cycle of give and take, increasing circulation of money. Therefore, it is important that you learn to receive graciously!

Whether it is money or a gift of an article, accept graciously and say “thank you” sincerely.


#7 Seek Divine Help

If finite human intelligence is not helping you to keep your head above water in the tough economic conditions, don’t despair. There is still the all-provider or the Creator and also know by other names such as God or Holy Spirit or Higher Powers.

The Universe is thoroughly connected with each and every aspect of our lives, including money and finances.

So please do try to connect with the source of infinite abundance and let the spiritual laws help you to manifest money, wealth, prosperity and riches. Surrender and pray from the bottom of your heart to Almighty God, Ask what you want, let go and joyfully look forward to receiving.

Stay in the attitude of gratitude; giving thanks every day and for everything you have. Believe you’ll be guided and taken care of. Let the infinite intelligence show you the right way to money and riches or rather create the ways for you.


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#8 Bless Your Money

Spiritual Ways of Attracting MoneyWe all know that a blessing is supposed to increase something or make it better. So use the same age old techniques and bless your money. Do this daily and regularly. Pull out the money from your wallet, hold the currency notes in your hand with love and care and bless them. For a detailed article, please click on Why You Should Bless Money

Thank the currency notes as the representative of the money in your life and praise them for being with you. With affection and prayer, command the money to be with you always and go on multiplying itself many folds.

Whatever you praise that increases or expands. Praising works the same way on money too. This is simply because you are showing interest in it. The activity of praising is a kind of blessing.

Thus bless every single penny of your money!

#9 Learn from your Money Mistakes in the Past and Make Peace

I am sure you have made some mistakes in the past with regards to treating money with disrespect or fear. Maybe you have, for whatever reasons, nurtured a thought that “too much money is evil” or had a belief that “it is not possible to become rich without doing something wrong” or “Rich people are mean”.

Now that you have graduated out of those misgivings, it is time that you totally corrected your mental programming or the belief system about money.

Take some time off to write about this in your journal with total honesty. Just pen down whatever comes to your mind, no editing or smoothing the edges. Nobody except you is going to read this.

Ponder over your past beliefs and resultant actions with regards to money. Make peace with it by saying “It is OK” and “It is over now.” Forgive yourself and move on. Promise to yourself to make a new beginning.


Some persons seem to get rich and richer effortlessly compared to others who work hard tirelessly yet the do not seem to do well.

Now you have the secret to money manifestation and wealth creation.

You know how to make money. Just follow above tips and manifest money, wealth, cash in abundance or whatever you wish to have in life. Give your attention, love and focus to money and change your attitude to a positive one. Add to it generosity, gratitude and goodness.

This would remove the negative blocks to money and connect you to the source of infinite abundance.

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