The Spiritual Laws Of Money For Financial Success

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The Spiritual Laws Of Money For Financial Success

Do you want to become rich? Are you desperately trying to earn lots of money? Believe me, just hard work or high educational degrees are not sufficient. You also need to learn the spiritual laws of money for financial success.

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Why learn The Spiritual Laws of Money?

People need to understand that there are man-made and spiritual laws regarding money.

Believe it now or later, but there are some spiritual laws that decide the direction of flow money – flow into your life or the flow out of your life. These laws are also about how you think, feel and the way you use money.

Is money a Spiritual Energy?

Yes, contrary to popular belief, money and business is a spiritual game. In fact, Tony Robbins often calls it the highest-level spiritual game we play on earth.

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The Spiritual Laws Of Money For Financial Success

Why People Become Rich and Some Remain Poor

What separates the two? What is the rich man or woman doing that the poor man or woman isn’t? There has to be something.

I’ve always been fascinated with prosperity. Why it is that one person can be absolutely rich while another person just can’t seem to get it together.

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The Spiritual Laws of Money for Financial Success

When I learned some of these spiritual laws, I started to attract money from all angles.

But this didn’t happen overnight. This is from trial and error but also becoming a student of prosperity.

Therefore, if you want to learn more about these spiritual laws, and how to manifest money in your life and take care of the money that you bring in, read on.

#1 Self Image

After years and years of internal dialogue and studying the mechanics behind prosperity, I figured it out. What separates the rich from the poor comes down to self-image.

How do you see yourself? How do you speak to yourself? This is because your self-image becomes your reality.

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How you view yourself internally on a subconscious level becomes your outer reality.

See poor people think money is hard to make.

They say things like:

  • “There are limited opportunities.”
  • “There may not be enough.”
  • “What if I fail?”
  • “I always fail”

and so on and so forth. But the rich man or a woman says what if I succeed? You know there are millions of millionaires in the world. Why can’t I be one of them?

It all starts off with seeing yourself, living that lifestyle, holding that image in your mind’s eye of you living in absolute wealth and prosperity. Please do read: 10 Powerful Ways to Experience Self Love

#2 Correct perception of money

If you perceive money as something evil, troublesome and problematic or believe that rich people stab each other in the back for, then be ready for a surprise statement — you may always find it difficult to hold on to money in your life.

The prescription for you is – Redefine Your Perception of Money.

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The challenge to correct this problem is that most of these money related programming is that these beliefs are subtle. Our subconscious mind has typically acquired in our childhood. Old habits die hard, but your first step is to change your perception of money.

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How to change the wrong perception about money?

Agreed money is not everything but never shy away from the need and desire for money. Re-frame it (money) in your mind it as a useful tool to give you financial freedom. This way you’ll use to create the life you want and help other people.

Throw away or purge the limiting beliefs that you have regarding money, and you’ll be better able to enjoy a life of financial freedom.


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#3 Change the thought process and vocabulary about money

Observe yourself. Watch How You Talk and Think About Money.

Do you use the words like Broke or I can’t afford it or I don’t have money or similar expressions?

These expressions are so subtle, and yet very powerful. You get thrown around to the point that you don’t even know that it’s a defeatist statement.

Instead of using these expressions, it is time now to re-frame your terminology to make sure that there’s no emotional attachment to your current state of lack.

Going further, don’t even use the word “spend” when it comes to money. You may also like to study: How to Use Positive Energy to Attract Money 

If you spend it, the underlying belief is that the amount is gone and is never coming back. But what if you “use” money as the tool it is? Better yet, what if you replace it with the term: “circulate” money?

The law of reciprocity dictates that you receive what you give. Therefore, it’s only right that you can expect to attract money back to you when you consciously circulate it, while always leaving yourself open to receive it.

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# 4 Use Affirmations

Now you may not fully believe that it’s possible, but the more you think those thoughts and the more you speak those affirmations of wealth, the more the subconscious begins to jump on board with you. See we are constantly training and retraining and restructuring our subconscious beliefs.

Everything is fluid. Nothing is set in stone.

We can change a belief and we can change our self-image but it takes time and it takes effort. This is due to the reason – believe it or not, you and I have some bad programming.

Since we were little kids we’ve been watching Disney movies of the rich guy beating the bad guy or the rich depriving the poor. Somehow subconsciously many of us think – “oh rich is bad and poor is good”. That’s nonsense.

Poverty is not a virtue. It’s an illness, is a sickness that needs to be eradicated.

Poverty isn’t natural, lack is not natural. We were made to live in abundance. Prosperity and abundance is our true nature.

This is why it feels bad when we are in lack because our true nature is abundance and prosperity. But it starts with you.

You must consciously decide, I repeat consciously decide “all right I’m going to be rich and then I am rich”.

See first you say “I’m going to be this and then switch that affirmation to I am this”

Affirmations speak to the subconscious mind. Think of affirmations as commands. You are commanding your subconscious mind. So you always start your affirmations in the present tense. Such as, I am or I have.

For example, you may like to affirm:

  • I am rich.
  • I have more than enough.
  • I am prosperous.
  • I have more money than I know what to do with.

See these are some of my favorite affirmation as I say all the time.

They just roll off my tongue because I understand that my words are a form of creation. What you say is what you get. Your words are a form of command in the physical world.

Pay attention to me, we’re always creating the reality for ourselves. That’s how powerful you are. We’re always creating our world, our reality and our reality for ourselves.

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So if you say I can’t do something or I don’t have it, you just created a brand new law and trust me you’re going to see it. You’re going to see examples of that law all around you. So it would be who you to create brand new laws of prosperity, brand new laws of wealth.

I am abundant, I am taken care of.

# 5 Use Gratitude to Attract Money

People think the universe gives you good things based on your good behavior but that’s not how the system works.

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The Universe gives you more of what you give it. So if you’re giving out energy vibrations of doubt, negativity, lack, not having enough – the universe has to give you examples in the physical world of the energy that you’re broadcasting.

Whereas, if you’re broadcasting wealth, abundance, more than enough gratitude.

Watch out! Your reality will become unrecognizable. Gratitude would transform your life. If you have three dollars in your bank account right now I guarantee you if you give gratitude – I mean sincere gratitude that you have that money, it will multiply. It will double.

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Somehow, someway you’ll find money. Somebody will give you money. You will receive checks in the mail. Something will happen. But you will double your money gratitude.

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#6 Visualize the Financial Status You Want

Always visualize living and enjoying the financial freedom you want.

Also take necessary steps toward planning and achieving your financial future.

Writing a money journal is a great way to keep track your money goals and financial objectives. For instance, if your goal of financial freedom involves getting out of debt, you can use your journal to map out goals like coming out of the debt within a specific time period, improving your credit score, lowering your credit card annual fees, and coming up with a budget.

You’ll start to attract the life you want when you can truly envision it regularly.

To do this, you must take time out to meditate and see and feel yourself living the life of your dreams, and you’ll be driven to towards that and you’ll be able to achieve it.

To Sum up

These are some of the spiritual laws regarding money. Not all of them just some.

Consider seriously working on these tips so that you can vastly improve your financial life with these remarkable spiritual principles.

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