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Tips and Advice for Peace of MindWhen I was in college I used to think that a peace of mind is a stage in life. My idea of getting peace of mind was to get a good college degree, have a great job which others envy and while it gives you money and position. But after having all this I realized that I was not right. Peace of mind is not a destination in the journey of life rather it is a state of being which you chose to have or not have. It is so easy to invite this state of bliss in your life. It is more to do with internal factors than the external factors. Having found my state of bliss, I am happy to share my experiences and observation in the form of Tips and Advice for Peace of Mind for everyone.

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What Is Peace of Mind?

Peace of mind is a state of bliss where the mind is calm and emotionally the person is either happy or inert or just calm. There are no tensions, worries, fears or stress. In this state where the mind is quiet and body is naturally relaxed, you experience a sense of happiness and contentment.

Is it difficult to have Peace of Mind?

Let us try to find the answer on our own. You might recall some experiences from your past when you were so absorbed in some kind of an engaging or interesting activity that you forgot all your worries and tensions during those moments.

For example:

You got together with a few of your school time friends and the time stood still while you were chatting, eating, drinking and having all that fun.

You were by the sea side, the weather was fantastic, you got lost in your own world, watching the waves of the sea.

Wasn’t that a beautiful period of time. You forgot all your worries, stress and tensions for a few hours.

Similarly what state of mind and body, you achieved without any design or planning can be consciously achieved and it can be with you – always.

Tips and Advice for Peace of Mind

Let us now discuss, how to get more peace of mind into our life, especially, how to experience a state of calmness in even in the face of difficult times and tough situations.

1. Identify your challenge and deal with it

I would like to share with you an interesting story. A lady noticed that her husband is not able to sleep. Being restless, he was tossing and turning in the bed. Finally she asked him if there was something that was worrying him. Her husband told her that he had borrowed some money from the neighbor and next day morning it was supposed to be returned but he did not have the amount. So the wise lady told her husband not to worry. She got up, knocked at the door of the neighbor and said, “Mr. Peter, I am Mrs. Smith and wife of the person who has borrowed money from you. Was he supposed to return it to you tomorrow?” To this Peter replied, “Yes, tomorrow is the last day.” To this the lady responded, “Well, he is not going to. Good Night”. Now it was the neighbor’s turn to toss and turn in the bed.

Though it is a funny story, but it teaches us to deal with the challenge ‘head on’.

Let us begin with beginning. Your mind is very intelligent. It does not usually go wrong. So if you are disturbed then it is a signal by your mind that something has been bothering YOU – the whole system. This something is preventing you from enjoying peace of mind.

Hence it would be a good idea to figure out what that ‘something’ is. Once done, you can make a plan of action for overcoming that challenge or obstacles and restore your peaceful state of being.

If you are facing more than one challenge, then make a list of things in your life that you are disturbing you. This has many benefits. Writing down your challenges will help you size them up. Then you can begin dealing with them one by one. Either you should deal with the most disturbing challenge or finish off a few easy obstacles.

2.  Make Peace with Your Past

Is there an event in your past that is still haunting you? Maybe you made a mistake that gave a setback in your career or didn’t tell your parents that how much you loved them? Well repeating the images or memories in your mind again and again will make you weak both mentally and emotionally. Try to make peace with your past by telling yourself to live in the present from this very moment onward. Secondly, forgive yourself. You were probably not that experienced or matured that you are now. May be you did not have the knowledge that you have now.

Third advice about making peace with your tormenting past would be to write down everything in detail on a paper. Now burn that paper to ashes and release your anger.

It’s important to not to keep your negative feelings and emotions bottled up inside as they will ruin you. Recommended Article: How To Calm Down Mind

Acceptance and moving forward helps to begin the healing process so you can focus on your future.

3. Forgive Other People

Holding grudges, comes naturally to many of us because it is so easy. But it is important to forgive people who have hurt us for mental health and you get peace of mind and better relationships as a bonus.

It would be very appropriate to quote Buddha here, “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”

For more Budhdha quotes, you can watch this video:

Video: Best Buddha Quotes

Let go of any bitterness you have toward people from your past. You don’t necessarily have to get friendly with these people if you don’t want to; just forgive from inside of you.

It is also important to fill the place vacated by feelings of hurt, grudges, hate, bitterness and anger. So fill it up with compassion, love and gratitude. Otherwise, you may feel depressed and anxious.

A good exercise is to write down the names of people you’re angry at and the reasons you’re angry. You can then mentally say “I forgive you” to each of those people.

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4. Clear Clutter

You may wonder that what is the connection between cleaning clutter and having peace of mind. Well, garbage always stinks and never looks good. Same goes with the clutter – whether it is physically present in your house or it exists in your mind. Clear your mind, house, office and even car of anything which is waste, unproductive, not useful or not in working order. For more about de cluttering please read: How to Clear Clutter From Your Mind

5. Avoid Negative People

Like certain things, there are toxic humans too. Dealing with them or worst having relationship with them can leave you negative, drained of life force energy, irritated and in deficit. Therefore, identify people who talk negative, have negative behavior and have a gloomy outlook for just about everything.

Make a list of such people in your life and stop dealing with them. This will give you a lot of peace of mind. Also for future, learn to identify negative personalities and do not enter into any kind of relationship with them. Instead, try meeting new people and make friends with successful and positive individuals.

6. Make Necessary Changes

There are certain things and situations which can be changed, if they are disturbing your peace of mind. For example, if you have a bad neighbor or the quality of neighborhood is deteriorating, then it should be possible for you to shift to a better locality.

Same goes for job and other things in life. Rather than fuming and fretting and opening doors to depression, anxiety or anger it should be your policy to make changes wherever you can. While you can do small changes yourself, you should involve your family members and friends when you decide to take major steps in life. Ask for their advice and help and they will be glad to come to your help.

7. Acceptance

There is an adage, “What cannot be cured must be endured.” If in the previous point, we talked of making changes to get peace of mind, we also should know that not everything can be changed. So we have to change ourselves, our approach and our point of view to increase acceptance of those things.

This will help you get more time to plan and act for better future. Also you can enjoy the good things already in your life instead of complaining what is not right.

Focus on what you appreciate about the people and circumstances in your life instead of wishing they would change (this is specifically valid for a happy relationship or marriage). Be thankful for what you have and more good will come your way.

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8. Meditation

If you are OK to the concept of meditation then do invest five to ten minutes every day in meditation. There are many ways and techniques of meditation but even a simple meditation is good enough to make you more peaceful, relaxed and happy. See: Benefits of Yoga and Meditation

Here are some useful links, alternatively you may explore YouTube for a suitable guided meditation video to take you into a blissful state of mind.

Just a few minutes of meditation in a day have made a difference in the life of thousands of people and I am sure you too will be benefited.

9. Avoid Negative News

Have you ever carefully noticed that TV or Newspaper or any news based media, try to sensationalize the news. If a person has gone on a holiday and is having great time is not news. But if a minor steals a loaf of bread, it is breaking news. Have you realized how many total hours in a year you sit watching TV or reading newspaper only to absorb a lot of negativity.

While I am not totally against any media but you can definitely take some constructive steps to limit or stop altogether your exposure to negativity. The idea is why should you listen to them and feel stressed and anxious? Read: How to Stop Negative Thoughts to Overcome Depression and Anxiety

10. Do Not Compete With Others on Materialism

In simple terms, don’t be jealous of other people’s materialistic progress or the money they have. Jealousy means that you have low self-esteem, and therefore, consider yourself inferior to other people. Unnecessary competition also spoils your natural pace and rhythm. Perhaps to get rich quick, you may resort to some unfair means too.

Jealousy, low self esteem, unhealthy competition etc. often, lead to lack of peace of mind and more dissatisfaction.

Therefore, it is best to be content with what blessings you have and avoid materialism.

11. Work on your Relationship

Sometimes the low level of harmony or a bad relationship is more than enough to ruin the peace of mind of a person. If it so in your case, I would draw your attention to the advice no. 1 – “identify your challenge and deal with it”.

Therefore, work on your relationship. If your relationship with loved ones is strained, restore, repair and re-energize the connections so that you can more fully accept yourself and have peace of mind in your life. Seek relationship counseling or marriage counseling if you feel like your marriage or relationship is falling apart.

The same holds good in case of your other relationships too – such as your relationships with your parents, siblings, children and office colleagues.

Sometimes the best way to create peace of mind is to fix the current issues that make it difficult. Close relationships are one of the most important sources of happiness and peace of mind, so a happy relationship is cheap at any price.

12. Enjoy a Good Company and be Social

Sometime back there came a phase in my life when I got too involved with my work and career. I worked long hours and started ignoring friends and social events like marriages, birthdays, parties etc. Over a period of time, I found my productivity, innovation, concentration all going down. It was when I restarted interacting with the society, came out of my isolation did I begin to experience the fun again.

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