Tips to Make Law of Attraction Work to Manifest Money

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Tips to Make Law of Attraction Work to Manifest MoneyThere is a big percentage of people all over the world, who want to earn money or more money using Law of Attraction. However, there is some level of dissatisfaction because the Law of Attraction is not working properly. Either it is not helping to manifest the full amount of money or sometimes it works and other times it does not. So would it not be a great if we knew really effective tips to make law of attraction work to manifest money

With these little secrets, you may well be on your way to Become a Money Magnet.

Some facts and background about Law of Attraction

Before we get down to knowing the tips, let us understand certain facts about Law of Attraction. The law of gravity or Newton’s 3 laws of motion are physical and can be verified, checked and demonstrated, whereas Law of Attraction is more on the spiritual premise. Faith, belief, visualization, expectancy, patience and gratitude are the important pillars of Law of Attraction.

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Just like a baby does not just get up and start walking, similarly no adult learns and becomes skilled in swimming or driving, similarly one needs to have patience along with expectancy when working to manifesting money.

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Why do we fail to manifest money?

It is either 100% or nothing. Simply put the practitioner cannot expect best results if is also entertaining some thoughts that is he really going to attract money or he simultaneously shares his negative thoughts about money repeatedly with others.

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Let us take another case, where one forces oneself to have positive thoughts with an iron will and does nothing else. Well most likely this is going to backfire, as this has to be an effortless, smooth visualization with the certain expectancy that money is being attracted. At the same time efforts have to be made at the physical level also.

In other words, the universe is receiving mixed signals, therefore, one fails to get desired results.

Most importantly, even if everything is being done properly the time taken to manifest may vary from person to person and also there could be different rates of success or time taken by the same person on different occasions.

Tips to make Law of Attraction Work to Manifest Money

Tips to Make Law of Attraction Work to Manifest Money

Here are three techniques to help you work the Law of Attraction to your benefit.

1. Clear your mental blocks and prejudices

Imagine that you have connected the TV Set’s power cable to the wall socket and switch on the TV but the picture is either not there or is there intermittently. The reason is that cable does not have high quality copper wire, therefore due to high resistance the electricity is not travelling to your TV set. Or the cable is broken at a few points.

It is like you want the law of attraction to work for you but you have a lot of prejudice or doubts in your mind.

So even when you try to attract money to yourself, yet money cannot flow it because of the inbuilt blocks. This makes it difficult for the universe to respond to your. So clear your baggage of clutter, doubts and disbeliefs and see the magic of manifestation.

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2. Believe you’ll get it and you will get it

You get what you think about and say most of the time. You may be wanting to manifest money but most of the time you are thinking about lack of money you are experiencing currently.

Similarly if somewhere you’re doubting the whole process and have negative thoughts about it, a lack of belief can make the Law of Attraction ineffective – fully or partially !

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3. Be persistent

Like I said, the speed and results can vary from person to person and from time to time. Therefore, be persistent and keep trying with full faith till you succeed.

4. Be grateful to the Universe

Thanking the Universe in advance and also after the results reinforces the belief system. While thanking in advance strengthens the expectancy, thanking the universe after getting the money is manifested helps build a stronger communication channel. This ensures that the next time you ask for something, the result will be much more to your taste. Click here for Gratitude Affirmations Text and Videos.

An Interesting Experiment to Make Law of Attraction Work to Manifest Money

Tips to make Law of Attraction Work to Manifest Money

Now you might ask if the process can be made simple or interesting? Therefore, let me share a very simple, but very effective experiment or ritual with you that if you practice with full faith, then you will be able to apply the law of attraction better in your life. It consists of the following steps:

  1. First of all you will have to change your thoughts. And in those thoughts, you will have to raise wealth consciousness, money consciousness, prosperity consciousness and abundance consciousness in your thoughts. Also you may like to read: How to Attract Abundance in Life
  2. Now you might say that this is not easy or ask how to do it? Well, we teach a lot of ways in our Law of Attraction Workshop and here are a few easy but effective tips.
  3. First you have to make a place to keep that money. So if you are a male then a get a new beautiful wallet for yourself, and if you are a female then get yourself a new beautiful hand bag / purse for yourself. Your objective behind this ritual or process should be that money is going to come into this wallet or purse. We call it intention.
  4. Keep in mind that this feeling or intention should continuously remain in your mind and thoughts. When you go shopping for the wallet / purse, when you are buying and when you bring it home.
  5. Now as per your capacity, put a good amount of money (currency notes) in this wallet or hand bag. Ideally, it you may put an amount of 2100, 5100 or better 11,000 as per the currency of the country where you reside in. You might be wondering why this? So your answer to this question is hidden in a proverb in English, “Money attracts Money”.
  6. In addition, I would like to give you a tip out of metaphysics too. If you buy this purse or wallet on Friday or on a full moon day or on some other auspicious day, it will attract wealth even better. Please do read: How to Align with the Source of Abundance

These are some essential tips to make your Law of Attraction experiment to attract money more successful. Go ahead, do it earnestly and with full faith and benefit from the Magic of Law of Attraction

To sum up

The law of attraction is a great tool. It can be used by anyone – irrespective of age, color, gender, place, personality, education level. We are all part of this wonderful and vibrant universe and there is no reason why it will not respond to what we ask for. You must have faith and you must be patient and you will soon have the law of attraction working for you.

For reasons known or not known, it may take a while for the universe to respond to the request, but if you practice nicely, manifestation will happen.

Hence I do believe that you can manifest money using the law of attraction – Sure I do!

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    • Hi Nick, This is actually quite a COMMON pbrloem when people use the Law Of Attraction. The Law Of Attraction states that what we constantly focus on, we get. However, that’s NOT the full story and there are a number of ADDITIONAL laws besides just the Law Of Attraction we need to understand. One of the most important other laws is the Law Of Detachment. What it means is in order to successfully attract what we want, we have to be detached from the outcome. So, sometimes when you think that what you got isn’t what you had been focusing on, it’s likely it wasn’t what the universe had intended for you to get(even though you thought it was). There might be something better that the universe has waiting in store for you. Say you were focusing on a new job. When you got a call for an interview and they didn’t end up hiring you, you got disappointed. But, if you go with the Law Of Detachment, you’ll understand that maybe that job would not have been right for you, and that another BETTER job might be on it’s way to you. It’s been shown that our Subconscious mind is responsible for creating our reality. Our Subconscious is much greater in power than our waking conscious mind. Sometimes our logical mind thinks that we didn’t directly get what we focused on, but we have to be detached and realize that it may have something even better in store. As far as thinking and focusing on something and it doesn’t happen at all, there are usually 3 main reasons for this. One, maybe what you want isn’t right for you and could cause you pbrloems later, though your waking mind might not realize it. But your Subconscious is holding it back from you. Two, what you want is being wanted by too many other people or is too complicated to manifest. An example of the former is if you were trying to win a sweepstakes contest with a lot of people entering. Everyone focuses on winning the final prize but only ONE person can win. An example of the latter is if you were back 300 years trying to manifest going to the moon. At that time, it would’ve been too complicated a task to accomplish. Those are just some examples. A third and rarely explained reason why what you focus on doesn’t happen at all, is because you are thinking about it TOO MUCH. The most efficient way to use the Law Of Attraction is to go through the process of focusing on it, and then LET IT GO by completely putting it out of your mind. Far too often, people will think about what they want, and then keep thinking about it all through the day. Truth is, if you’re thinking about what you want all throughout the day, it’s not the correct way. There are periods where you have to take your mind OFF OF IT for your Subconscious mind to do it’s work. Think of it this way. Even a bodybuilder can’t be lifting weights constantly throughout the day. There are periods where he has to let his muscles relax. So even though the Law Of Attraction says what you focus on, you get, that’s true BUT NOT the whole story. You have to utilize the Law Of Detachment and give your waking mind a REST by NOT focusing on what you want too much. Your Subconscious mind controls all your involuntary functions such as breathing, digestion, hair growth, etc it is actually working on bringing your desire to you at the times when your conscious waking mind is NOT thinking about what you want(even though you don’t see the process). This is just a short explanation. Space limits me from going into this much deeper.Best of luck to you, Dr. David Che

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