Ultimate Secret to Manifesting Wealth and Prosperity

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Ultimate Secret to Manifesting Wealth & Prosperity

What if I told you that almost anyone can tap into the Universal Law of Abundance to become rich, wealthy and prosperous?  Before proceeding further to know Ultimate Secret to Manifesting Wealth and Prosperity and understand this law of Universe and learn to apply this law of Universe, it may be clarified that it is a spiritual process. The law of Universe to manifest money is a powerful law and is just as effective as the laws of physics.

So powerful and useful is this process that you should pay careful attention to all the suggestions given here and come back to read this article regularly. Thus be sure to bookmark this web page and this website so that you can repeat what you read – as it is human to slowly forget the details over a period of time.

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Ultimate Secret to Manifesting Wealth and Prosperity

We’ll follow a step by step approach in understanding this powerful money manifestation process and then how to apply it. Of course, the same process can be used to manifest other things like property, friends, soul mate, good and helpful friends, health, or improve relationship, health etc. but for the purpose of this article, we shall focus on manifestation of money.

Secondly, do not get confused or entangled with the terminology. We have mostly used the word Universe or the Universal Law but you can replace it with God, Cosmos, Higher Powers, Infinite Powers or Creative Force, if you like.

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Understanding the Ultimate Secret to Manifesting Wealth and Prosperity

1. You will manifest exactly what you hold in your mind with faith and clarity. 

In other words, the secret is that you will eventually manifest what thoughts or messages you radiate out to the higher power or infinite source or God. The mechanism behind this to be understood is that the Universe faithfully duplicates or mirrors your thoughts and emotions and brings them before you in terms of physical realities such as products, persons or circumstances.

You can also understand it this way that the Universe very faithfully echoes whatever you think, repeat or affirm. This is the sum and substance of the law of manifestation, which must always be kept in mind. As we proceed further, we shall appreciate it better and learn the techniques to apply it in our lives to manifest money and prosperity.

2. Universe does not say NO

The second most important feature of this law of manifestation is that it always works. This spiritual force is like a faithful Genie which will always obey your command and your command is what your repeated thoughts, affirmations and beliefs are.

It doesn’t discriminate between good or bad, useful or harmful. Universe will simply manifest for you irrespective of your age, name, gender, education or the language you speak

Therefore, make sure that you visualize, think, affirm and belief the right things for yourself and cut out the thoughts of lack, negativity or pessimism.

The Universal law will faithfully mirror or duplicate your thoughts and it can never reject what you expect or radiate in your innermost beliefs and thoughts.

3. Have precise goals

Ultimate Secret to Manifesting Wealth & Prosperity You must know exactly what you want. It is better to write down precisely what you want, look at your goals several times a day – until you achieve it. If you are vague or weak in your belief about what you want or how much money you want or by when you want then by the previous 2 features explained to you, you can understand that Universe too shall be vague or weak in manifesting what you want.

Take a few minutes off, write down with a nice pen or print what is the amount you want to see in your bank account. In case you merely wish for 10 Million Dollars but don’t think it would be possible then begin with a smaller amount you think is possible – say $ 100,000. Once you achieve this, your level of faith will go up and you can increase the figure in your visualization too.

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Suppose it is you desire to own a high end model of Mercedes or BMW or a sports car like Porsche or Lamborghini or Ferrari, then it would be a good idea to make a vision board of photographs of your favorite car’s model say BMW i8. Also you may like to visit the showroom of BMW cars in your town and stand near to BMW i8, imagine how would you look and feel inside the car and driving it. Hold this feeling in your mind vividly. This is the important part of the whole secret.


4. Acquire Wealth Consciousness

Soak and saturate your mind with ideas of lavishness and magnificence, convincing yourself that you live in the world of abundance. Often see the pictures of Money, Wealth, Opulence represented by luxury houses, big farm houses, luxury cars, expensive jewelry and also visit the show rooms of these brands. While many books and articles on the subject may talk a lot on other points, but often they fail to emphasis enough on this part of the ultimate secret.

If you would like to go to nice hotel, then you can plan to have just soup and bread – it will cost less but you will imbibe the richness of the place, fill your emotional mind with the experience of fine cutlery, courteous service and plush ambiance. Take home this experience, imbibing it in self. This is an important exercise as this experience it helps you to visualize yourself connecting you strongly with Wealth and Prosperity.

The quicker and higher you can create your wealth consciousness, the faster will be your rate of success in realizing your financial goals. You will begin to notice a change in yourself and others too will start responding to you in a different and better manner.

All you have to do is to keep holding the thoughts of financial abundance in your mind, day after day, week after week in your mind’s eye, especially just before retiring into your bed and immediately after getting up.

5. Learn to receive

This suggests that you should be open to receiving from others. Strangely, a lot of attention is paid to other things by the practitioners of the law of manifestation but they fail to open the doors when it comes to receiving it. This is most crucial part of the secret to manifestation of money.

One of the reasons could be that most of us are brought up with the belief that it is OK to give but one should not take. It is this belief system which needs to be changed as Universe will choose an appropriate channel to send you the money and if you are not a good acceptor, how will the money reach you?

Now you can’t say that the Universe did not help you manifest the money! Next time you get a nice gift, say thanks to the person and God and receive it gracefully.

6. Leverage the Power of Affirmations

To reinforce what has been suggested so far, incorporate the use of affirmations in your action plan. If you continuously repeat a positive statement with the desired end result in mind and in the present tense, you are activating the spiritual law of attraction.

For example you may repeat several times a day in your mind or audibly: “I am very happy & grateful that money comes to me in increasing quantities from many sources on a continuous basis.” Another good affirmation is: “Money comes to me easily and effortlessly”

The power of affirmations hardly needs to be emphasized, especially if you have visited the other sections of this website. For your convenience, here are the links to some of the useful and informative blogs on Affirmations:

At the same time, you can choose your own set of affirmations and here are a few good links:

A secret tip to better manifestation success: The best time to do these affirmations is when you just wake up or just before getting in to the bed. This is the best time to program your sub conscious mind. Do the affirmations for 5 to 10 minutes each time, twice a day – at least.

7. Use Power of Visualization to Manifest Money

Usually affirmations and visualization go hand in hand. The secret to the Universal law is that more faculties of the self we the better it is. By visualizing what you need to manifest, you can feel better, giving rise to stronger feelings and emotions. Another benefit to visualization is that you can double check how would you look with the manifested things in your hands or with you.

This helps you to do corrections, if felt intuitively by you. Now firmly establish a picture of what you want in your mind.

For example, if it is your clear desire and goal to have $100,000 in your bank account then set aside a few minutes every day to visualize the bank statement or passbook where the net balance is $100,000. To help improve visualization, you may take the print out of the old statement, put a figure of $100,000 and look at for some time. Now do the visualization exercise.

For more details and help on visualization to manifest money and wealth and other things, please go over to another nice article: Powerful Visualization Technique to achieve dream goals.

8. Trust the unique ways of Universe to deliver

You must not doubt the Universe as to how or the method it will deliver the money to you. Also do not interfere with the choice of timings or the channels chosen by the Universe. Leave it to Higher Powers to decide what is of highest and best good for you.

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Thus be open to receiving the money from whatever source, medium or method or the timing God chooses to send it to you. This also means that increase your receptivity.

9. Remove the negative emotions or thoughts

Always remind yourself that negative thoughts or negative emotions like doubt, fear, jealousy, hatred or impatience interfere with the working of spiritual laws. While Universal law is a positive and pure law, these negative thoughts have negative energy which can create blocks to flow of money into your life.

If you see a rich man on the street then appreciate him and his style, wish him good luck ( in your hear) and imagine that you too are getting rich through the same source.

10. Watch your thoughts and words of expression

Be vigilant about the thoughts you think and words you speak throughout the day. It is important because one pound of hard work can be wiped out by one ounce of negativity. An expression like, “I can’t afford it” or “I don’t have money to buy it” if repeated a few times is sufficient to wipe out the entire efforts to manifest money – put in by you in a day.

Even joking or telling lies to someone about not having money will have the same effect on your subconscious mind. Human sub conscious mind cannot tell between a serious or no serious statement.

11. Act as if you are already Rich

Do not give signals to yourself, your subconscious or the Universe that you are poor. If you have money to buy a good shirt of a good brand then do not go online or economy stores or surplus stores looking for a bargain.

Having money and still going to bargain counters is sending a signal to Universe that you love going to cheap and economical stores and the Universe will dutifully oblige you by always sending you there only. Here is a link to a helpful article: How to change your mindset about Money

Of course, it is a different matter altogether that you don’t have that much money also. In that case keep you appearance neat and tidy and wear clean, washed and well ironed clothes.

Don’t hoard money unnecessarily. Use your wisdom to strike a balance between spending the money and enjoying it with saving money and respecting its value.

12. Do not discuss this with others

The world is full of all kinds of people. There are few people who are positive, encouraging and genuinely wish to see you become rich and prosperous. There are fewer people who understand fully how to tap the Ultimate Secret to Manifesting Wealth and Prosperity.

It takes a long time to build something but it takes only a fraction of moment to destroy it. Hence keep your exercise and process to become rich a secret, lest your progress is damaged by even a casual negative remark.

Example: The Universal Kitchen

To understand better the theory explained above, let us take an example. Imagine you go to a nice restaurant and order a few items say – French Onion Soup, Vegetarian Lasagna with Green Asparagus, Boiled Rice with Seafood Curry.

You are quite sure that in a reasonable time you will be served these dishes only which are cooked by well trained chefs. I repeat that there are no doubts or worries in your mind whether or not you will be served. Similarly, there is no scope of fear in your mind if you will be served something different from what you ordered.

Now imagine that you want money and prosperity and you have made your intentions clear to the cosmos, it is like ordering in the Universal Kitchen. Have no doubts like if you will be provided with the money or how will you get it or will you get exactly the same amount or less!

Thus if you have strong inner belief that you will be well provided for then you will have sufficient money to take care of your various financial needs.

But on the other hand, if you keep focusing on the lack of prosperity or wonder where and when the one the money will come from, then you are inviting circumstances for yourself where struggle, curbing the desires to cut expenses are almost sure to come.

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Suggested Method Summary to Manifest Money

This is a very powerful method and is not possible to understand it fully in one reading. Thus you should comeback often on this page to read it again and again, thoroughly to draw maximum possible benefits to attract money, prosperity and abundance in your life.


This program or the process is not the invention of the author or the editorial team of this website. It is collection of information from various sources. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that you will be successful in everything as the author is only showing you the process or the path.

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