Using Affirmations To Manifest Relationship

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Using Affirmations To Manifest RelationshipAre you seeking true love? Do you want a long lasting and loving relationship? Do you want to attract your soul mate? If the answer to all these is yes, then have you tried using affirmations to manifest relationship?

Logic behind Using Affirmations to Manifest Relationship

The thought of a person is the most powerful thing in the universe. It rules the world. All actions take place in the mind first. And while it is not thought out by our minds, nothing can take a material form. To achieve life’s benefits, you need to first create a mental image of what you want. How to do this? Read more in this article.

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Thoughts have power to materialize

Thoughts materialize but in what way? Any thought that arises in consciousness produces electrical vibrations in an arbitrary nervous system. This, in turn, generates a current in the involuntary nervous system. So, your idea is transferred to the subconscious. It is the engine of your creation. That’s how thoughts are materialized in this way.

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Power of Words

Do you really want to know how someone lives or why does she or he live like this? If so, then it is important to listen to the words that people use. You may like to read:  “We Are What We Think”

Words have the power to inspire, heal, and transform. To the same extent that they have a positive impact, they can do harm, especially when we direct them to ourselves.

We are sure that people are the embodiment of their words. For example, if people constantly talk about suffering and despair, then most likely their life is a reflection of what they are talking about. We all know such people – in their circle, you feel squeezed like a lemon. They leave you exhausted because they really unintentionally draw energy from you, whether you realize it or not.

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Power of Affirmations to Manifest what you want

Affirmation can be used in all spheres of life. In order to correctly and effectively use them, we give below a few tips with which you can begin to manifest the life that you want and deserve.

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Tips to Make Affirmations Effective

Affirmations can be a wonderful additional tool in life. These are statements that defend the existence or truth of something. Every word you say mentally or aloud is a statement. Try to write down your statements and use them in the above exercises to achieve what you want.

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  1. Use the word “I” always when you form a positive statement. For example: “I am healthy”, “I am calm and balanced”, and “I am beautiful”. In addition, the formulations “I attract”, “I choose” and “I possess” are very good.
  2. Using statements, always remember that they are meant to express what is happening in the present, here and now. For example, the statement shouldn’t be as follows: “Someday I will have a good relationship”. Saying this, you give the Universe a signal that it doesn’t matter to you whether you will have a relationship right now or they will arise sometime in the future. This idea should be expressed like this: “Now I involve a perfect relationship in my life”.
  3. Repeat affirmation as often as possible. Pronounce them in the morning and in the evening from 10 to 15 times. You can’t expect any strength from the statement uttered once. The more often you pronounce it and the more you believe in it, the more energy you give to it and the more likely it will be realized.
  4. Be careful. If you have a specific need, then the more detailed and precise you describe it, the better the result will be. If your statement concerns a new relationship, write about what you want from it. For example: “For the sake of my highest good, I am worthy of attracting a perfect partner and deserve his/her love.” If you just say: “I’m attracting new relationships” then probably they will appear, but not necessarily the ones you expect. If you want money, indicate a specific amount, saying: “There is abundance around me and now I am attracting a certain amount of money to myself.”
  5. Combine the statements with the visualizations. The result will be even better. When you do it, try to imagine yourself completely immersed in what you desire. And repeat these words with great confidence for a few minutes.

  1. Don’t use negative constructions like “Let me not be single forever”. And it is not a problem of Karma if is never happens. The reasons are far more complicated, and that lay deep down in our psychic. It just doesn’t understand negative constructions, only affirmative. So when you say this prayer, our psychic hears only “Let me be single forever”. That is why it is highly crucial to ask the Universe (or anything you believe in), converting it to positive sentences like “Let me find a love of my life soon”.
  2. When you want to work with affirmations, it is highly crucial to establish a timeline. For example: “I want to find my love during summer holidays” or “I want to be married by the age of 25”. This works extremely well, because if you set up your goal in a definite timeline, subliminally you start working for it. You become more positive and attentive, sincere and accepting
  3. Draw your dream life. Psychologists adore this therapeutic trick. Collect all the materials you like to work with: watercolor, pencils, acrylic, or markers. Close your eyes. Continue this narrative: “You wake up ten years later. Where do you see yourself? What does the room you wake up in look like/smell like? What surrounds you? Who you wake up next to? How do you look? What are you wearing? Try to capture this moment, this feeling exactly how you want it to, and draw it. Are you dating someone or do you see him or her as your better half already? Is he or she a real person you’ve met or your imagination leads you to a certain image: a brunette, a blonde, a tall or a small person? What is his or her physique? Do you have kids? A house? Try to be as detailed as possible.

  1. Now color your painting or drawing in the most pleasant tones and keep this picture always at your sight. Look at it at least once a day. You have a goal of a style you will maintain in ten years? Buy a sketchbook and be inspired by similar looks.
  2. Start buying a similar closet, bit by bit. Apply for a job you see yourself at. You will be shocked, but working for smaller details of your painting will lead you closer and closer to a person you want to be with.

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Final Expected Result of Affirmations to Manifest Relationship

Soon you will realize that your dream girlfriend or boyfriend is working at the same job, doing the same hobbies. And it is not magic or law of attraction. It is called constant work and inspiration, strong will and deduction. Always be confident and feel worthy, and ultimately, you’ll reach for the stars.

This article is written by Aleksander Pichkur


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