We Are What We Think

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We Are What We ThinkDid you know that whatever you think you can get using the power of your mind? The logic is hidden in the statement – We are what we think. Humans have been gifted with a wonderful thing – the mind. Our mind is the most powerful thing, which is capable of creating useful miracles in our lives.

We Are What We Think

While this fact is no secret, but most of us take this important information for granted. We believe that “thoughts can’t be controlled” or “these are mere thoughts, how can they influence my life”. But the reality is just the opposite. Thoughts can be controlled. Negative thinking can be changed and mind can be fed with positive thinking. There is tremendous power in positive thinking. Hence thoughts are very powerful impulses of energy which are responsible for shaping our lives accordingly.

More About The Principle – We Are What We Think

American essayist, lecturer, and poet Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “You are what you think all day long.” When same or similar pattern of thoughts are sustained in the mind by a person for a long period of time, they have deep impact on his moods, emotions and behavior. This causes him to act or not act in a certain manner. His certain set of negative actions and behavior pattern over a period of time either makes him an average or less than average person. At the same time a set of positive actions and behavior pattern over a period of time can make him achieve his aims and targets consistently, thus making him a very successful person.

So let us learn how to tap the power of positive thoughts and the power of mind. Everyone, including you can benefit from this and create miracles in life.

How Changing the Quality of Thoughts Can Improve Our Life

Man is a creature of his habits. We tend to get in life according to the picture in our minds. Mostly this picture in the mind is created by our parents, our grandparents, our teachers, our friends and the society we belong to. Sometimes it is for good and sometimes it is for bad.

But we don’t have to accept that is handed over to us by life. Let us learn to make right choices and improve the quality of our lives.

Each one of us has a logical mind which is capable of evaluating what is good for us and what do we want? Therefore, envisage exactly the type of life you want. Thereafter, start making choices. Say YES to what is in alignment with your goals. It is rather beneficial to say NO to what will not help you achieve your dreams.

This is how most of the successful and rich people do. This opens doors of many possibilities and right opportunities. Rich and successful people think and believe that they are in charge of making their life better and beautiful. With this faith and they rightfully steer their lives and keep going to higher stages of success. They have the courage to try new things and are not afraid to fail.

Universe keeps guiding them to new doors of possibilities. Thanks to their rock soled faith that they have the power to make changes in their lives.

If you have ambitious goals, you should also think and act in the same fashion. This will contribute immensely to your success.

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A Practical Example of – We Are What We Think

For many years I was very scared of confrontation. I was too shy and lacked confidence to even say hello to new persons in professional meetings or at social functions. One day I told to myself that enough is enough and I am not going to be full of courage and confidence. I kept reminding myself that “I am confident and bold”. Soon an opportunity came when I decided to say hello to someone sitting next to me in a conference. The other person acknowledged and shook hands.

This increased my confidence. I went from success to success. Within a few months, my social circle, number of acquaintances and good friends increased.

I now actually look forward to meeting new people and increasing my business network and social network. Frankly, this has helped me in many ways.

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How To Use The Power Of Your Mind To Get Success

Begin by deciding for yourself that what kind of life you want. In case you find this exercise to be a mammoth task, then you can begin with a few baby steps. Hence think about one aspect of life a time at a time. Create a picture in your mind. My suggestion is to aim for the best for it will take same amount of efforts.

Next stick to this picture and keep seeing this a few times in a day – mentally, of course. The results will improve if you do this time just before sleeping and immediately after getting up also. While imagining this picture, firmly believe that your life is now shaping up accordingly.

Have full faith that Universe is conspiring to give you opportunities and breaks in life according to your aim. You are being helped by the chain of thoughts you firmly believe in. Hence you will naturally start progressing on the path which shall take you to your aim. You will automatically start making right choices which shall facilitate the process of your becoming what you want to become in life.

Of course, you will encounter problems, challenges and obstructions but as long as you stay focused, persistent and committed to achieving your aim, you will definitely reach there.

You will become what you think.

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