What is Mindfulness Meditation and How to Practice It

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What is Mindfulness Meditation and How to Practice ItToday the world is experiencing, much more challenges, complexities and miseries than it has ever experienced before. It is one of the contributing factors for the rising interest in spirituality, especially by the people living in Europe and Americas. By seeking the deep knowledge and understanding through spirituality, the seekers are trying to find universal solution to the inner and outer peace.

Popularity of Meditation

While all spiritual practices have wonderful and time tested Solutions, but perhaps meditation is one of the common practices which have been easily accepted by one and all. Not only that, it has been found to be very effective and having many other benefits too.

What is Mindfulness Meditation and How to Practice It?

The concept of meditation is very large and almost gigantic. The term, its definition, meaning itself is so broad that it may take a few volumes to describe it all and properly. It is like describing the forms, sources and taste of water to someone.

There are just so many types of meditation, so many ways of practicing this mind and body training technique. To write about them all would be not only difficult but enormously time consuming.

Instead, let’s begin with an overview of one of the most fundamental of meditation techniques, called Mindfulness Meditation.

So What Exactly is Mindfulness Meditation?

As the name implies, the term consists of 2 words mindfulness and meditation. Latest begin by understanding these two words individually in the context of this blog and then synthesise the meaning.


What is MeditationWith the practice and process of meditation, you are going deeper into your inner sphere and connecting with your Higher Self. I would also accept the logic that through the practice of meditation one connects with the Creator – the Ultimate and Infinite.

For the beginners and uninitiated, I may mention that you are into an act of sitting still and doing nothing. You are just a passive witness to all that is going on.

One of the best pieces of meditation advice is “Let go!, do not try to control anything or even struggle with your ego or mind, just be.

What you are doing is learning to go beyond and see a bigger picture. This is past your body, mind, ego and limited consciousness. While your worldly knowledge and logical reasoning is necessary for existence in this world, but it is not the substance of your being-ness.

You are going to get connected to the Supreme and access infinite intelligence.

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In plain and simple words it means just being aware and conscious every moment. You may also call it moment to moment awareness.

This is the practice mindfulness of is an ancient Buddhist tradition. But there is nothing complicated about it. In the modern times when everyone is in hurry and doing multi tasking, the practice of mindfulness makes more sense than ever. This is simply because it can be done anywhere, at any time, and it’s not difficult to learn.

Mindfulness Meditation

It is the careful merging of the two. With mindfulness, we can choose an object of focus, perhaps the breath. However while focusing, we should be non-judgmental and in the state of full acceptance of open-awareness. We can focus but remain aware: aware of sensory input and perception, as well as emotion and thought. This is done without being carried away by our thoughts or lost in the stories of our sensations and emotions. The beauty of this meditation is to remain attentive to our object of focus and accepting of our whole being.

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