Why Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work

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Why Law of Attraction Fails to workYou may be one of those individuals who learnt Law of Attraction with full passion and interest. But the irony is that the Law of Attraction is not working for you and you are feeling dissatisfied or perhaps disappointed. Well I would urge you not to give up on this wonderful manifestation mechanism so soon and you should rather go into the reasons that Why Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work?

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Maybe you learnt Law of Attraction from the book the Secret, or through videos or by attending proper workshops. You had great expectations and had pinned hopes that you will successfully manifest all that which you need by simply applying the principles of Law of Attraction.

However your manifestation efforts did not yield good results.

Why Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work?

Let us take an example. Suppose you have been trying to apply Law of Attraction to attract a very large sum of money. If this amount were to actually come into your life, it will raise your standard of living by couple of notches. In fact, this amount of money may change everything about you in your life.

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But somewhere in your mind, you are not comfortable with this concept. To put it bluntly, you begin to feel guilty are embarrassed about having so much money. So while you are applying Law of Attraction consciously to attract this amount of money, there is another program running at the back of your mind which is reinforcing your negative thoughts about having so much money.

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Consequently, this play of positive and negative forces within you keeps you from ever being successful – and keeps that money energy away from you. Your position in life remains unchanged and your items to climb the ladder to success do not be noticeable fruits.

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Filling Your Mind with Opposite Thoughts

Why Law of Attraction Fails to workThis is a very common mistake unknowingly made by many people. Whatever you are trying to manifest in your life, say a new car or a soulmate, you tend to think in your mind or mention in your discussions in the opposite way.

For example, you might be saying “my car is giving me trouble all the time” or “I am not able to decide on the right model or the colour of the car.” Maybe you say to your friends, “I do not seem to have enough money to replace my old car and buy a new one”.

Therefore, in response to your thoughts and words, the universe says “So be it”. The net result is that you keep struggling for a new car.

You can think of similar reasons if you are unsuccessful so far in finding the right soulmate for yourself.

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Failure Attracts More Failures

It is a vicious circle. Once you do something in a certain way which is not right, you tend to try the same way again and again to get the result. You get caught into the vicious circle but you want the results so desperately that you forget to change the system you are trying – where as you need to correct the method and get the desired results.

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What should you do if The Law of Attraction is not working ?

Please go through all the above points once again and check if you are unknowingly doing something mentioned there in. The results can be disastrous, if you have been following the wrong procedure for a long duration of time and / or doing visualization of your thoughts also. And if you are doing both – doing it wrong way for a long period of time and visualizing it too, then definitely you are stopping all the channels of the Universe from delivering what you are trying to manifest.

Therefore, please audit your system of applying Law of Attraction and the thought process. Carry out the corrections where ever required. It is as simple as that.

Once you unplug the blockages and remove negativity, the flow of good things and positive energy will start towards you. Naturally you will be successful at manifestation.

Good luck! Happy manifestation!

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