Why We Do Not Remember Past Life

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Why We Do Not Remember Past LifeThose who believe in past life or lives before present birth, a question “why we do not remember past life” would have definitely crossed their minds some time or the other.
In the same way, those people who do not believe in past life or previous births also may ask this question, “where we were before birth and what were we?” This can be a very interesting topic and could trigger a hot debate also.

Why We Do Not Remember Past Life

I talked to a lot of people on this topic. Some of them were wise and knowledgeable, some were researchers, some a few of them thinkers, some intellectuals and some common men too. I found their answers logical and interesting and I am sharing some of these with you here below.

Scientific Reason

According to the scientists, there is a chemical called Acetone which helps to remember the previous births. But as soon as the baby is born, this chemical gets out of his body and the baby cannot remember the things of his past life.

So this is probably the rule of Universe of the Mother Nature.

Infinite Cosmic Wisdom

There is a theory that whatever has ever happened with the soul including the past lives and gap between the births, it is all recorded the subconscious mind. However, the humans do not have any great technique through which we can reach those deep layers of that information and access the records of previous lives accurately.

Perhaps it should be considered as a God’s gift to the human beings. Suppose a married person had died at age of 30 to 35 and he is again born again as a man. And at the present age of about 40 years, if he comes across a lady whom she recognizes as his wife of his previous birth! Can you imagine how he will interact or treat that 75 year old woman? Will this not be a strange situation and an embarrassing state of affairs too?

Let us take another example.

Imagine a person has lent money to someone. But he could collect his debt, he dies and is born again. If in his present birth, he remembers the things of past life, will he not start a fight or file a suit of recovery against the debtor?

Imagine how terrible and complicated situations will arise in the society and our law enforcement agencies and courts will be filled with lawsuits.

Perhaps because of this, nature has suppressed the memories of the past lives and made them inaccessible in the present birth.

Awful Effects of Bad Past Life Experiences in the Present Life

If we have seen painful circumstances or experienced some very bad situations in the past birth, then even in this life, the memory of those circumstances will come to haunt us and make us unhappy. Suppose someone’s death was very bad or he had struggled with poverty throughout his lifetime, then in the current life also, the person will remain unhappy by remembering the events of previous birth.

It is good that our memory of past lives has been erased. Let us praise the pragmatic intelligence of nature which has protected us from possible psychological malfunctioning.

Pressures of Social Customs and Society’s Norms

In the times we are living, many societies and many people with scientific attitudes do not believe in past life.

Imagine, if we were to remember the events of previous births, then when a child starts talking, then his parents will definitely stop the child from saying such things. Wouldn’t the child will feel suffocated? Perhaps that’s why laws of nature have kept those memories away from us.

A New Beginning

Let’s say our 100, 500 or millions of births have happened before. Don’t you believe that if the memory of all those births were to be in our little mind then this could create a huge disturbance?
So perhaps God has rebooted our computer. In other words, the memory slate has been cleaned before sending us to take birth on earth.

Is it necessary to remember the previous birth?

Friends, whatever the cause or reason for not being able to remember past lives, we should think that we are going to benefit from this disconnect from the past?

As they say “Live in the Present”. Therefore it is necessary that we should focus on the work for which we have taken present birth. We should play the role that God has given us in this birth and discharge the responsibilities assigned successfully.

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